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City of Lubbock Makes Progress with WTMPA

Councilman Victor Hernandez says it's taking some time to get their contractual agreement with the West Texas Municipal Power Agency back in order.

Wednesday, during the city council meeting, councilmen set priorities regarding the city's relationship with the WTMPA.

First, the city decided they would save the city up to $50,000 if they searched for the LP&L director on their own, without the help of an outside consultant.

Second, the city has requested another audit on WTMPA and it's members cities, Brownfield, Tulia, Floydada and Lubbock.

Hernandez says the council wants to know if all cities have been charged fairly for their years of buying the wholesale electricity from the WTMPA.

Finally, possibly contract restructuring regarding insurance coverage. According to the contract, the WTMPA should have purchased insurance on its turbine at the Massengale plant.

The first audit revealed WTMPA's assets are under the city's insurance. Even though the city is taking all these steps, Hernandez says at any time, the council can decide to discontinue doing business with the WTMPA.

The city appointed two new board members to the WTMPA. J.Q. Warnick, Jr., a former federal magistrate, and Martha York, a Lubbock realtor. They are replacing former board members, Robert Massengale and Randy Andrews who already serve on the LP&L board.

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