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The Flavor Express: Does It Work?

The Flavor Express deluxe is an instant marinator, flavorizer, and decorator kit all in one. It's for all kinds of food, from meat to bread to decorating with icing. The makers claim all you have to do is fill and squeeze. That's it, but Does It Work?

We took the product over to Orlando's Restaurant where General Manager Albert Hernandez, Jr pulled out all kinds of food to test the product. "We have some bread we'll inject with garlic butter," said Albert.

Albert softened up the butter in the microwave and while it cooled off a little, Albert prepared a pesto ricotta mixture to stuff inside some very small noodles. If someone were at home and using those kind of noodles it almost seems impossible to stuff it with a spoon. "Yeah, there's no way to stuff it without breaking the noodle in half," said Albert.

All right, back to the butter. Albert poured the sauce into the bellows. Now we're ready for the bread he injected the butter from the top of the bread. "Let's try it this way," said Albert as he injected the bread horizontally.

Then he stuck the bread in the oven. Three minutes, the bread's ready and we're ready to see some results. Mmm...not looking so good. But when he cut it sideways, we could see the butter but it didn't look like the picture.

Next, Albert put the ricotta pesto mixture inside the bellow and stuffed the shells. This worked a whole lot better and Albert agreed.

Finally, we tested the product's decorating capabilities. Once again, things didn't look so well. Albert had a difficult time filling the bellow with the icing. This product was no bowl of cherries, it doesn't work.

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