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Police Chief's in West Texas offered to join the B.U.S.T. campaign

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The West Texas Region of the Texas Police Chief's Association offered to get involved with the B.U.S.T. safety campaign.

B.U.S.T., buckle up and stop texting, is a program that NewsChannel 11's Sports Director Pete Christy came up with after the death of Alex Brown, who was driving and texting near Seagraves in November.

Chief's of Police Departments will now be willing to do B.U.S.T. presentations by request at local high schools.

NewsChannel 11's Pete Christy is also willing to do presentations, as well as Alex's mother, Jeanne Brown.

Jeanne has made Alex's truck into a portable B.U.S.T. symbol to show people what can happen when you text and drive. She takes the truck to the high schools to share with young people as she gives her message.

To sign the B.U.S.T. pledge, a promise to not text and drive, click on the link below, print out the form, sign it and send it to us here at the station.

NewsChannel 11 will send  you a sticker for your car showing that you too have taken the bust pledge.

NewsChannel 11's B.U.S.T. Campaign

B.U.S.T. - Buckle Up & Stop Texting. That's the message that NewsChannel 11 and Sports Director Pete Christy are challenging high school students with all over the South Plains. The area wide public safety campaign challenges high school students is to promise buckle up and to stop texting while driving.

If you want Pete to challenge your school, you can contact him at the station (806) 744-1414.

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