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Did Ty Cooke Withhold WTMPA Audit from City of Lubbock?

Major problems within the West Texas Municipal Power Agency were apparently reported to at least one person as far back as July of 2001. That person is Ty Cooke, the former Lubbock City Councilman, who is the President of the WTMPA.

WTMPA Letter to Ty Cooke
Read the July 20th 2001, letter to Ty Cooke concerning the WTMPA financial statements and the City of Lubbock.
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NewsChannel 11 has obtained a copy of an letter summarizing an audit of the WTMPA's financial statements for the year ending in September of 2000. It was done by the accounting firm of Robison, Burdette, Martin, Seright and Burrows.

The letter addresses Cooke and says quote "As you are already aware, we had numerous significant adjustments to the books and several other issues identified during the audit." It outlines several instances of mismanagement or complete lack of management including commingling of restricted and unrestriced cash accounts, which resulted in numerous problems. It also says records were not kept as required by bond covenants and that WTMPA did not pay for insurance carried by the city.

A city source says the letter was discovered this week by Matt Wade, an attorney for the city, but Cooke told NewsChannel 11 that any implication that he kept the letter from the city council is "ludicrous." Cooke says the letter was presented to the WTMPA board in an open meeting and that city officials were there although he could not remember who.

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