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Rescued dog needs a permanent home

By Katie Bauer  - bio | email

SHALLOWATER, TX (KCBD) - A dog is in recovery after she was found hogtied in a Lubbock County field and left for dead.

Sandra Glenn lives out in Shallowater and she tells us her son found the dog on Tuesday. The dog was tied up in a nearby field, freezing. A dog she now calls "Hope" and hopes she can soon find a good home for.

It's hard to believe this happy as can be dog, was left for dead just a few nights ago. "All four paws were hogtied, with ropes tied around her legs, and she could not move," said Glenn.

It took Glenn's son more than 30 minutes to get the ropes off of the dog's legs, wounds that are still fresh. "It breaks my heart, that an animal can be put through that. That any human being in his right mind could do this," said Glenn.

Glenn named the dog Hope because she believed she was hoping to be found. "I call her the Christmas dog, because I think she is a miracle and like I said she is beautiful and she is precious as she can be," said Glenn. 

The City of Lubbock Animal Shelter encourages people not to just dump their animals if they can't take care of them anymore. "Just bring them into to us, let us try to find them a home or at least humanely euthanize them where it is quick and painless," said Shawn Byrd the shelter supervisor. 

Byrd says if you witness animal cruelty or find a dog that has been abused, don't hesitate to report it. "We could go after them or the county or wherever it was because Lubbock County has an animal county officer as well and they can prosecute for animal cruelty just like we can," said Byrd.

"To the man that did this, I think you are cruel and mean and beneath low. You are sitting in your home with a warm bed, with food and water, and a roof over your head and how do you sleep at night?" asks Glenn.

The animal shelter tells us there is a $10 fee to get rid of your dog.

Right now the Glenn family is looking for a good home for Hope. They aren't asking for any money, they just want her in a loving home. To contact the Glenn's call (806) 928-1756. 

To report animal abuse, call the shelter at (806) 775-3000.

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