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Food for Thought Report 3.6

With 62 local and county kitchens to check out, city inspectors had a lot on their plate this week. Let's see how they stack up in this edition of NewsChannel 11's Food for Thought.

Our featured Top Performer is also a *repeat* Top Performer.

It's a favorite neighborhood hangout not matter what neighborhood you're from. Cap Rock Cafe at 3405 34th St. gets a perfect score this week putting them on the Top Performing list for the 5th time. Service Manager Jessica Gordon lets us in on the secret to their success. "The upper management checks on us and we check on our employees. We have checklists that we use twice a day to help ensure that, we have health department checklists and they're checked every shift. We have tests that we give on temperatures and sanitary, everything we keep labeled."

Gordon says it's a winning routine that their customers can count on. "They can always expect a consistent quality in our food and in our service."

Up next on the Top Performing list is the Coffee Haus at 3405 University. This campus hang out is hanging in with zero critical violations.

Smoothie King is another repeat Top Performer that makes the list again this week. Located at 4210 82nd St., they blend up another perfect score.

Taco Villa at 5139 80th St. spices things up with zero critical violations, making them a Food for Thought Top Performer.

Yet another repeat Top Performer rounds out this week's list Thai Pepper at 3702 20th ties up a perfect score.

Our only Low Performer this week is Casa Ole' at 5705 4th St. with six critical violations.

  • Food was found at potentially hazardous temperatures, specifically food inside reach in cooling units was found at 56 degrees. Cold foods must be kept at a minimum of 41 degrees or colder.
  • Some ready to eat foods were found to be potentially hazardous because they were not dated.
  • Hot water was not available in the women's rest room.
  • The dish washing machine was not working properly.
  • A food warmer was not provided with a thermometer. 
  • A potato masher and two spatulas needed to be replaced.

The Manager of Casa Ole' phoned NewsChannel 11 earlier in the week to inform me the restaurant recently came under new management, and the violations they received were minor and had nothing to do with cleanliness. He said everything was corrected on site. The report shows that as well.

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