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Local Coffee Shops Ready for Competition

It's a big day for Lubbock coffee drinkers. Starbucks coffee is ready for business. The ribbon cutting ceremony happened Thursday afternoon along with an open house. Starbucks Coffee Company is the leading retailer, roaster and brand of specialty coffee in the world. The new store is located on 82nd and Quaker.

They officially open for business at 6a.m. Friday.

The Hub City is already home to about a dozen coffee shops. We stopped by two of the locally owned coffee hangouts and they agreed Starbucks is bringing in good competition, but they feel they each have a different product to offer. Places like Daybreak Coffee say some healthy competition is just their cup of tea, or coffee in this case. That's because they say they've brewed up their own unique blend of fun.

"Daybreaks been here in Lubbock for 12 years, we offer a lot of great things that other retail coffee shops here in Lubbock don't offer," said Brad Nickle, Co-Owner of Daybreak Coffee.

The management of Daybreak Coffee says one of the perks of their shop is the selection of coffee's from around the world, roasted right here in Lubbock. "We are meticulous about picking the coffees we do to roast and sell, were very cautious about how we do things and how our drinks look, and its a different atmosphere, laid back, come in and sit along time to talk and study," says Scott Gloya, Co-Owner of Daybreak Coffee.

There's no question Starbucks has cornered the coffee market across the nation, but J&B has been comfortable on one corner of Lubbock for years. As far as Lubbock's coffee shop market, the owner here says the more the merrier because he's confident in his product.

In fact, he says some people might prefer the mom and pop chains. "I think the atmosphere and our employees really set us apart from the other coffee shops, most coffee shops offer the same stuff but we offer a nice atmosphere where students can come in and study and you can stop by and grab a mocha on the way to work," said Mark Scott, J&B Owner.

Local coffee shop owners agree, Starbucks could get more people out to try something new. "We're pretty excited about it, Lubbock is by no means a saturated market coffee wise and research has shown that when a Starbucks comes in it gets a lot of new people trying coffee which is really good for everybody," Scott said.

Daybreak too says their product is good to the last drop. No matter your flavor, their are plenty of hangouts and unique atmospheres to choose from in the Lubbock coffee market.

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