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Home First-Aid Kit

There are some new blood clotting products coming on the market, due in part to pressure from the military.

One is made from shrimp shells and the other from potato paste. Bandages, until recently, have been much as they have been since the Civil War. The new products cannot only be used as bandages, they can be applied directly to any bleeding site such as during surgery. The potato product causes blood to clot instantly without the possibility of causing allergic reactions. "Tator clots" as one called it, was developed by the Mayo Clinic and should be on pharmacy shelves shortly.

According to researchers at Tufts University and Stanford, you'd better screen what your toddler is watching on TV.  At 12 months old, children watch faces intently and then make decisions for themselves based on those reactions.  When 12 month olds watched the reactions of an actress to certain objects, they only played with the objects to which the actress reacted positively and avoided the objects to which she had appeared negative. Remarkably, the one year olds paid attention to the television and used that information to guide their actions. It appears that television messages can influence the behavior of very young children.

March is National Nutrition month. It might be a good time to take stock of eating habits and take a sneak peak at the scale. (The statistics about overweight are getting worse and worse.) Then calculate your BMI, body mass index. If your BMI is over 25, you are at greater risk for several serious diseases such as diabetes. To calculate your BMI divide your weight by your height in inches squared. Multiply that answer by 703.

An easier way to calculate your BMI is to let your fingers do the figuring. Go back to the kcbd.com homepage and click on Health Tools. Type in your height and weight to get the answer, then spring forward and get into action. You still have time to lose ten pounds before swimsuit season! 

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