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Local Naval Family Watches Bush

As Bush turned up the heat on the United Nations and Saddam Hussein, Sarah Rodriguez and her son Wesley watched eagerly for news of war. Her husband Max is a Master at Arms on a naval aircraft carrier. Max called moments after the President was done. Max is stationed off the coast of California, he relayed his readiness through his wife. "This is, he said this is our job, and it's been going on far too long and it's time that we do something," she said with a phone to her ear.

In his speech, President Bush harped on Saddam's evasive practices. "Iraqi operatives continue to hide biological and chemical agents to avoid detection by inspectors," he said. A prolonged pattern of deception and treachery naval crew members are prepared to help end, despite the danger involved.

"They don't want this continuum to loom over the United States and the world, this fear of mass destruction," said Sarah.

The hope is that with Saddam out of the picture, life can begin to return to normal.

"I'll tell you what, can you give me a call back in 30 minutes and I'll talk to you about the car tags and vehicle registration and stuff," smiled Sarah.

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