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LISD clears up rumors of major schedule change

 LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The talk around town is that LISD will be switching to seven class periods a day instead of the block schedule they currently have.

"We're hearing that they are going to go to seven block schedule which practically we are going to have the same classes every single day and we're not going to have our Friday's anymore," said one Lubbock High School student.

"It wouldn't be a good change, because then we will have less time for each class and it would be a lot harder for us to get homework done," said another Lubbock High School student. 

For these students, it's good news. Lubbock Independent School District will not be switching to seven classes a day.

"It has prompted some concern in our community about what schedule is going to be used next year and I think that concern was legitimate," said LISD Superintendent Dr. Karen Garza.

Because of LISD's current schedule, the school administration is required complete an evaluation each year. Garza says during this evaluation all schedule types were discussed.

"We will be transitioning from the five by five schedule that has kids take ten courses back to a more traditional A/B block schedule," said Garza.

Meaning instead of up to 10 courses, students will only be required to take up to eight.

"It increases our instructional time by another 100 minutes every two weeks and still enables kids to take quite a number of electives," said Garza.

But because of the concern, more than 900 people joined a Facebook page, making comments, and even purchasing T-shirts to show their disapproval.  Needless to say their efforts didn't go unnoticed.

"I think it was a great exercise about making the student voice be heard and I was actually kind of impressed," said Garza.

LISD parents will soon receive a letter about the new schedule. They will also post information on their website.

Garza also points out with the slight schedule change, students will be in school the same amount of time, and Lubbock High School will still have an early release on Fridays.

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