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Generic vs. brand name prescriptions

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - For the most part generics are a great option when you consider the high cost of some prescription drugs. But are you getting what you need if your insurance company forces you to switch to a generic just to get the insurance coverage?

That's an increasing problem for millions of Americans since generic drugs are not required to be exactly like their brand name equivalents and there may be subtle differences.

So when it comes to drugs where all you need is a very tiny dose to get the results you want, the generic might be a problem. "So hormones, birth control pills, anything like that. Also drugs that need to be closely monitored because if the dose is too low, it may not be working or if the dose is too high it causes dangerous side effects," said Mathew Mintz, M.D., internist.

Dr. Mintz adds that many brand name drugs also have patented release formulas that generics don't have. So ask your doctor if that might a difference in your situation before you request a generic for insurance coverage.

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