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Military Family Copes with March 17th Deadline

 In his adress to the UN Secretary of State Colin Powell set March 17th as a firm date for disarmament with the consequences of war.

"Right now being a definite date kind of sets a different tone for us to think about now," said Don Wellendorf. He has two sons in the military. Kevin, an Army Recruiter, and Dustin, a Bomb Maker on an Aircraft Carrier. "They're very well trained, and they know their job, they know their job," he said.

"We try to talk to them once a week without fail," said Geraldine Wellendorf. She's Dustin and Kevin's mother, proud but worried. "It worries me a lot. I have to tell myself that they are trained military personnel," she said.

"Kevin's kind of mad that he doesn't get to go and kick somebody's butt or something," said Nathan. He's Don and Geraldines youngest son. Just 16, he's been entrusted with the care of Dustin's car. "He rags on me about not screwing it up. Don't get in an wreck. Don't do something stupid. I drove it today and I love every minute in that car," said Nathan.

A typical American family in an extraordinary time. Hanging on to hope, confidence, and the youthful joy of the American spirit.

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