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Fake Blood, Real Lessons

The car was upside down underneath a bus. The students on board in critical condition.

"Okay, let's get him on 15 milliliter of fluids," said an EMS worker.

Fortunately, it was just a drill.

"The class is being put on by the Wolfforth Fire Department," said Jim Majorowski. He's a Lubbock paramedic.

"Everybody pay attention," said a firefighter.

An EMS instructor was preparing emergency personnel for the real thing.

"Today is an extracation exercise of being able to teach fire departments and EMS personnel about the use of extracation equipment: jaws, spreaders, rams," said Majorowski.

"Now, that's a cutter, and when you get done cutting, open it all the way back up for the next cut," said another instructor.

Exercises designed to help speed up the process of rescue when seconds count.

"And on a real call, decide what technique they will use to take a car apart to get a victim out and get a victim safely on the way to the hospital with the paramedics," said Majorowski.

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