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Make-A-Wish Needs Your Help

The Lubbock area Make-A-Wish Foundation is running on empty, and in order for it to continue granting wishes, they're asking for your help.

Two-and-a-half year-old Amanda Conway provides a lot of laughs in her home.

"She's just a normal little two year-old -- running around the house, terrorizing everybody. She chases the cat and the cat chases her," says Amanda's dad, Michael Conway.

But through no fault of her own, Amanda has also brought a lot of tears to this home.

"It's a very aggressive, very rare type of brain tumor, and it's very hard to kill basically," says Amanda's grandmother.

When Amanda was just 16 months-old, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Doctors removed it in November 2001 and then had to remove a re-growth this past January. A massive scar runs from the top of her head past her ear showing where doctors went in.

She's now on radiation, and the family is hoping for the best, but Amanda's future is very uncertain right now.

"So far, keep your fingers crossed, she has had no ill-effects," says her grandmother.

What is certain is that Amanda is going to the San Diego Zoo this summer. The Lubbock area Make-A-Wish Foundation is granting that wish. A dream come true for a little girl who loves animals thanks to an organization that has been enriching lives for decades.

And right now, it's an organization in a fight of its own. Make-A-Wish helps about 50 children in our area every year, but right now, donations are slipping -- and if the trend continues, dreams will go unrealized.

"Unfortunately, we're not granting all of our wishes. We're having to ask for money outside of Lubbock, Texas to pay for our own kids' wishes," says spokesman Bill Suter.

So Suter isn't being shy about putting out a cry for help. Help that makes happy campers out of kids like Amanda.

If you would like to help Amanda get to the zoo or any of the dozens of other children with uncommon hardships, you can call Make-A-Wish at (806) 785-WISH or visit them at 3407 73rd St., Suite 1. If you can't help monetarily, they say they can always use volunteers.

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