About Thacker Jewelry

Times have changed… These days finding good, old fashioned customer service and integrity in business is as refreshing as a roaring spring… but not nearly as far away.

Nestled just of the caprock where mesquite trees grow and the coyotes still sing, you'll find an enchanting little town called Roaring Springs, Texas – population 264. It's a place where the Comanche Indians camped and hunted the mighty buffalo that once roamed the plains…

…It's also home to the largest jewelry manufacturer in West Texas. At the edge of town, just past the hardware and before you get to the depot, you'll find our company…Thacker Jewelry.

Incidentally… that's hands down the number one question we're asked…"How'd you get way out here?"

The answer is simply a matter of history… come on in, we'll take you on a tour and tell you the history of Thacker Jewelry.

We'd like for you to meet our family and show you why, for 15 years people have come "way out here" from a bit up the road and far away to purchase fine jewelry from Thacker.

Just like the town we live in, our family is rich in Texas history. The Thackers have been in Texas for seven generations and in Roaring Springs since before its incorporation in 1912. My brothers and I grew up here and I opened Thacker Jewelry in 1979.

One of the important factors that sets Thacker Jewelry apart in the business world is that we understand that the spirit and determination of the frontier people who settled this area still thrives in the generations succeeding them.

It's evident in every detail of the most delicate wax design that we carve. Every diamond we pick and every stone is gently finessed into its place by our incredibly talented staff of designers and jewelers. Our dedication to exquisite design and expert craftsmanship runs as deep as our Texas roots.

We'd love to have you visit our factory here in Roaring Springs. But if we're just a bit too far out of your way… You can visit us in our factory showroom in Lubbock . I'll be there with our Lubbock staff waiting to serve you with the same old fashioned warmth and appreciation you'd get at our store in Roaring Springs.

We know a lot goes into your decision to buy a piece of fine jewelry. We know that quality, affordability, and service are all very important principals of business. But at Thacker Jewelry, we also know the single most important part of our business is… YOU.

Come see us…

Come see the difference.