Our Principles of Doing Business

Principle 1

First & foremost, we want to be you jeweler. We want your business & appreciate it. By placing your trust & confidence in us when you make a jewelry purchase, we will do our best to ensure that the product & service you receive from us is the absolute best it can be. We go to a great deal of time & trouble to ensure that the jewelry we sell is of a superior quality. We inspect every gemstone before it is set. We alloy our gold to the desired karat from pure 24 karat gold, & since we manufacture approximately 80% of all the jewelry we sell, we monitor every step in this process to that end.

Principle 2

We strive to educate our customers as much as possible. We fell that a customer that can shop & compare prices & services offered by other jewelers will see the value that we have & return to buy from us. We price our jewelry fairly & honestly, and although we are a manufacturer with the best prices around, we would never mislead you by claiming our prices are wholesale.

Principle 3

We are proud to guarantee our jewelry completely. We stand behind everything we do. You, our customer, will be taken care of. We ask that you pay for any reasonable repairs that have been caused by rough wear or just years of loving care, but, anything that is our fault we will cheerfully & gladly repair.

Principle 4

When you grow up in a rural setting like Roaring Springs, Texas, you learn a lot of things about taking care of customers. In an area as sparsely populated as this, most people are your neighbors & friends. If you don't treat them with respect & understanding, they certainly won't be a customer or a friend for long. So, when you come to Thacker's, we will take all the time and effort needed to help you make the right jewelry purchase necessary for that special occasion.

Principle 5

We are able to sell at lower prices because we purchase our diamonds direct from cutters around the world. We buy our colored gemstones from the countries that mine & cut them. We search for the best buys in each market and pass those savings along to you.

Principle 6

We are able to sell at lower prices because we operate efficiently. Our people are hardworking, intelligent, and share in the success of the company.

Principle 7

We are able to sell at lower prices because we make our jewelry in Roaring Springs, Texas, the good old U.S.A. Our jewelers all learned their trade in our factory the right way. They all come from what can only be called frontier people. They are third, fourth, & higher generation Texans who make our company operate with lower overhead and better efficiency.

Principle 8

With all this we strive to give you the service that you remember from a bygone era when times were slower, the quality that made in America should stand for, and at prices that are competitive with anyone. And all of this from beautiful downtown Roaring Springs.