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Consider This... CHRISTmas Feedback

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Thanks to everyone who wrote in after last week's commentary. In case you missed it, I am encouraging folks to drop the political correctness, remember the real reason for the season, and put Christ back in Christmas.

Since then, emails and comments have been pouring in. Tanja writes, "We need to quit worrying about being politically correct(ness) and start standing up for what Christmas is all about. The birth of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ."

Rachel says, "Just wanted to thank you for putting "Christmas" back in Merry Christmas.  All season long people need to remember it's Christmas not happy holidays.  Thanks so much!!!!"

This hearty "amen" came in from Cheryl who writes, "Amen!!!" We would not have Christmas at all if Christ was not born. But it did happen. People don't go around on your birthday saying that you were not born on that day and we should not celebrate you, so why do it to the lord?"

Finally Mary says it is unacceptable to take the most important part of holiday out of Christmas. She adds, "That is what is wrong with this country. This country was built around God and now they are trying to take it out of schools, courthouses and Christ out of Christmas? I am glad someone is finally taking a stand on it that can get the word out!"

I also received one minority opinion and my comments last week also sparked a complaint all the way to NBC headquarters in New York.

Consider this; not withstanding your spiritual views, this country stands for both free speech and majority rule. I want to thank those on both sides of the issue for joining the dialogue and again from my family to yours: have a very Merry Christmas!

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