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New Deal family prepares for Christmas after a fire destroyed their home

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A New Deal family is making the best of their holidays after a fire destroyed their home a week ago.

The Waits family is picking up the pieces the best way they can. They've had a lot of help from the community, and now they're just thankful they have each other for the holidays. The structure still stands, but that is all that is left of the Wait's family home and charred memories.

With just days before Christmas, the Wait's family is left with no home and trying to get back on their feet. "We're just trying as much as possible to get back to normal, a normal life, as much as we can have, living in a shop," says Lisa Waits.

Lisa and her husband Joe now live in a work shop across the street from where their home caught fire. Their daughter Angela and two grandkids are also staying with them. "They realize things have happened even at their age," says Lisa, "but it's still getting back to them at Christmas its not what they have its being together".

Lisa says she plans on giving her grandkids a Christmas like no other. On Tuesday, they got a Christmas tree to decorate and Lisa even bough a new stove to make the family dinner. "We're going to have a normal Christmas dinner together, as normal as we can, but at least we can have family together and Christmas and have their favorite treats," Lisa states.

Although everything in the house is gone forever, the Waits did find a blessing in disguise, a box of pictures. "They just happened to still be packed. I hadn't had time to get them moved into the house... When we find these and remember these, it's the small things that keep you going on, you still have memories."

Before the fire, the Waits daughter, Angela and her two kids were planning on moving into the house to be with family while her husband is still deployed in Afghanistan. Now Angela will have to go back to her home in North Carolina.

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