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Change In Budget May Mean Change For Prisoners

State budget cuts may threaten the criminal probation system in Lubbock County. Like all state agencies, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice has to cut its budget by 12%. In Lubbock County, those cuts specifically affect the Community Corrections Facility. If more proposed cuts are passed, the facility must cut its budget 52% from $230 million to $115 million.

The corrections facility offers therapy along with educational and career training to those who commit probational crimes. County Commissioners say taking away the facility as an optional form of treatment can only negatively impact Lubbock County. "Either they go to the state prison system or they end up in county prison or the jail system. Either one of those options is a more expensive and not necessarily a more successful option," said County Commissioner, Kenny Maines.

Maines adds that bypassing the corrections facility would mean the county jail would need to house those criminals and the jail is already overcrowded.

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