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Fans react to Coach Leach's suspension

By Ann Wyatt Little  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – The news of Mike Leach's suspension spread fast across the Hub City.

On Saturday fans will gather at bars across the Hub City to watch the Red Raiders take on Michigan State under the direction of a new head coach. Just days before the match up and right after Monday's announcement Red Raider fans speak out on the coaching shake-up. "I was shocked," says Daniel Odell, a Red Raider football fan who learned of the news late Monday afternoon.

News of Coach Leach's suspension spread across the Red Raider fan base. "I had a friend call me around 4:30 p.m. and let me know, it was kind of shocking," says Justin Robertson.

"Leach has never really been one to shy away from controversies given comments and interviews he has given before but this did seem above and beyond what normally happens," says Tech fan Lance Stanford.

Stanford follows Red Raider sports and believes the circumstances surrounding Leach's suspension are receiving more attention because of wide receiver Adam James' dad's high profile status – Craig James is an ESPN commentator. "Look at Bob Knight, he got in trouble for throwing chairs and smacking kids around on the court but  everyone says that's just how he is and when it comes to Leach and all suddenly the players dad is someone of importance so now Tech takes a stance on it," adds Stanford about the situation.

"If it had been someone else it wouldn't have been such a big deal," adds Odell.

Despite the distraction, fans still anticipate a Red Raider victory on Saturday. "With all of the planning that's been done for the Alamo Bowl the team can't make a whole lot of changes at this point. So I would think that what they do for the game would not be affected, but it will affect what happens going into the next year," says Robertson.

Texas Tech University is still investigating exactly what happened between Coach Leach and James to elicit the allegations.

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