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Bob Knight Fans React to His Salary Refusal

"We're just not as good of a team as we were last year," says a disappointed Coach Knight after a second straight loss to kansas on March 3rd. Now, when it comes to a quarter of his total salary, he's telling Texas Tech to keep it. 

His decision, in reponse to the way his players have performed on the court. He says they just didn't meet his expectations for this year and that has local knight fans speaking out." 

Switchboards at KKAM Sports Radio 1340 lit up with callers responding favorably to Coach Knight's decision. "Hey I've gotta respect a man that steps up to the plate and says hey. I didn't do a good enough job this year and I want to give my money back," says one caller.

Gentlemen Jim G and Mark Finkner discussed the Bob Knight salary situation with dozens of Bob Knight fans. 

"I think it's a great gesture not only to the university to the students but the fans in general," says Finkner.

"I think knight's doing the ultimate motivational thing. This is ultimate motivation," says another caller, Andy. 

On the Texas Tech front students were also impressed by Coach Knight's generosity.

"I think it's wonderful because the school needs all the money we can with all the renovations going on right now and i just think it's a great thing," says a Tech student.

"He's got this huge library fund if he wanted to add it to that that would be the best thing he could do with it," says another Tech student.

"I thought it was honorable on his part if he didn't think he did a good job with the team," says another student.

"We were just talking about it in class with our teacher and I think it's neat that he's giving back to the school.

Coach Knight will still receive $650,000 for this year from outside income. He receives endorements for commercials, a book and a movie about his life.

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