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A Dramatic Jump for Your Price at the Pump

One man who's been in the gas business in Lubbock for eight years says he doesn't expect gas prices to decrease. So what are people saying about that around Lubbock? We talked to people who drive gas guzzlers, to people who drive gas efficient cars. And guess what? They're not happy.

"It's getting ridiculous," said one man as he's filling his SUV up with gas.

"This morning is the highest I've ever seen it," said Scott Egert, Scott's Complete Car Care owner.

"I think it's a bunch of crock," said another man as he was putting gas into his pick-up truck.

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It's safe to say there are not many happy campers about the overnight spike in gas prices.

"I've seen seven to 12 cents just at different places just over night," said Egert.

One Lubbock man by the name of Lupe, is one lucky driver. He drives a small gas efficient car, which it makes it nice for him at the pump. "I get about 30 miles per gallon in this car," he said. And spends under $20 each time he fills it up.

Where as most people, "Oh, about $30," said one pick-up truck driver. "Used to be $36 probably about $50 now," said another SUV driver.

So how has the price of gas affected your driving these days? "Well, I don't go around as much as I used to. I go from work to home and that's it," said one driver as he was filing up.

"I drive around only if i have to. We used to joy ride, but I don't do that any more. Go to work, take the kids to school and go home," said the SUV owner.

Gas watchers, like Scott, predict gas could remain this high for a while. "I don't expect it to go down or get much higher than it is now. But I think we're going to be at this level for a while," Scott said.

"I just hope they don't go up any more. I don't know what we'll do. We'll have to ride a horse or something. I don't know," Lupe jokingly said.

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According to AAA, there are three reasons why gas prices are escalating. The biggest reason is the uncertainty of war. Secondly, they say investors are beginning to speculate on the energy market and that's driving up the cost of gas. Coupled with the strike in Venezuela, that's not helping matters either.

AAA says Venezuela normally exports a lot of fuel, but now they're having to import. So they're pulling out of the pool for the rest of us and that creates higher demand and higher prices.

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