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As an alum, I absolutely agree with your opinion.  Please convey my dismay with how the administrators have handled this mess. Coach Leach has helped fill the seats at the stadium the administrators continue to expand.  I am quite sure that most of those seats will not be filled should Leach be let go.  This will be a huge setback not just for the Texas Tech but also the city of Lubbock.  The area around the university has been built up in part due to the success the football team. 

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why not transfer James to texas ---they had a crybaby there who had a famous dad 

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I do not pretend to know all the details of this , once again, ridiculous situation.  What I do know, and I think I speak for the majority of the fans, that Mike Leach has done wonders for this university and it's football program.  Personally speaking, I would hate to see Mike Leach fired.  I am sure that my loyalty to this university and it's sports program would go elsewhere if that happens.  If Gerald Myers succeds he will also be succesfull in greatly reducing fan attendance and season ticket holders.  I think it is sad to know that the team and coaching staff that we have all grown to love and support are on the chopping block because of the opinions and dislikes of one man.  Lets get behind our coach and our team.   

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I agree wholeheartedly with your analysis of the situation with Mike Leach.  It is well known that Gerald Meyers has a personal dislike for Coach Leach.  Him using an unsubstantiated claim to facilitate his dismissal is unconscionable.  Had there been a substantial number of former players coming out in support of the allegations, there might be more merit to the action the Administration has taken, but just the opposite has happened.  I have been a season ticket holder for many years, but if this situation results in Coach Leach leaving, I will not renew them.  Furthermore, I will not support Tech athletics in any monetary way until Gerald Meyers is dismissed.

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So many times I want to thank you for having the backbone to say what needs to be said but this time thank you is not enough.  I completly agree with you and if Coach Leach did not care about his players something would have been mentioned before Adam James.  I think it is interesting that Craig James was part of the SMU era that got them the death penalty and went on to prosper from his time at SMU. Tech should give Adam James his unconditional release and let him prove his contribution somewhere else.  Coach Leach has built a program and a following never seen at Texas Tech. This has not been handled well, as every bowl game half-time gives the Mike Leach update.  Other school recruiters must be loving this.   Thousands of people work very hard to promote Texas Tech to prospective students and the lack of wisdom that is being displayed this week can erase all the years and years of hard work by caring Tech employees.

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You are exactly right. The only winner will be Craig James who deserves nothing. He could not get a transfer for Adam so he plays dirty and has the "status" to do so. This would be an unbelievable setback or Tech. Get ready for 6-6 and welcome back to the Sun Bowl. It's sickening that a cry baby celebrity and his cry baby son can sway the logic and loyalty of the very people who should be backing up Leach, not running him off and make no mistake about it, he WILL leave. If he goes, the University owes him $2 million. I want my part back in reduced tuition. Im not holding my breath. Hance, et al need to know when to show strength and resolve at the risk of offending a D lister like Craig James. I am sick!

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I think you hit the nail on the head. I have a difficult time believing that the administration at Texas Tech have taken this thing this far for any other reason but to fire Mike Leach. When I consider this, I wonder if there is something that is not being told. Based on what has been released to the press, this incident with Adam James should have been a non issue. Why would the administration make national news of it?

It is even more of a stretch for me to think that the administration are blind to the fact that firing Leach on the verge of having a contender for the Big 12 championship would be suicide. To quote S.C. Gwynne at  Texas Monthly magazine, "If Tech fires Leach over this, there will be a mushroom cloud over Lubbock that will be visible for thousands of miles and a likely revolt of Tech fans, alums, and former players."

For me sitting here and considering this, I can see Mike Leach prevailing over this and keeping his job. But someone will be eating crow. Will it be anyone at the school, or ESPN? If it inexplicably turns against Mike Leach, Texas Tech will be the biggest loser! They'd better be making plans to set up a collection center for all the Raider gear that will be returned to them.

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Rescind the Suspension of Coach Leach. Suspend the investigation and all other actions until after the Bowl Game and the National Bid Day.

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Dan I couldn't have said it any better than that. I think it is time for Gerald Myers to retire and for Mike Leach to coach out football team. This is all so very sad. Craig James is acting like a little league dad and fussing because his little boy didn't get to play enough to earn his juice box. Give me a break!

The sad thing is that a young man (Adam James) is learning a lot of wrong lessons about life. I think Craig James is doing him as much of a dis-service as he is Coach Leach and Texas Tech.

Thanks for your comments and your support of Tech.

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Mike Leach has built a following at Texas Tech. He has taken us to 10 straight bowl games. Due to him Tx Tech Football and Lubbock have generated great revenue and increased prestige. Yes, Tx Tech was already on the map, but with Coach Leach Tech and Lubbock have soared to new heights. Under his reign tailgating and the football games have become more popular.
Is the timing of the suspension just another good 'ole boy way of showing Mike Leach who is in charge? Maybe Gerald Meyers needs to open his eyes and see what Mike Leach has brought to Lubbock.

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I believe it all boils down to a spoiled Prima Dona player with a famous dad who wants his son to be handled differently then other players. He should have special treatment because his dad is a well known sports person.

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I think you are exactly right!  I don't even know how things could have gotten this far.  Had this kids dad not been a big name former football standout, and had not been affiliated with a big name organization like ESPN, we wouldn't even be where we are now.  If this kids parents were average Joes, things would be different.  It stinks!  It smells of sour grapes! We need to be getting rid of our athletic director, Gerald Myers not coach Leach!  Mike Leach turned our football program around and has helped our school to receive national recognition on so many occasions by winning over big name teams and taking us to bowl games.  It doesn't make sense to fire him over something like this.  I've long been a fan of Texas Tech football but all the red tape and nonsense like this shows the nation that we as a school don't support our coach!  Gerald Myers should have gone to bat for Coach Leach regardless of who this kid is or who is father is!   The timing of this whole thing itself smells like a personal vendetta against Coach Leach.  Come on!  Look at the date of the alleged offense and then the date that the parents filed the complaint with Texas Tech resulting in in Mike Leach's suspension.  If it wasn't personal, and indeed legitimate, couldn't they have waited until after the bowl game and not until just days before?  As you said, this kids father nor his family care about Texas Tech or our football program and would love to see nothing more than for Texas Tech football team to be without their coach during the game and lessen our chances of winning.  Furthermore, if Coach Leach loses his job, that would be the icing on the cake for them!  I can't see how we can sit back and let this happen.  There's speculation that either way we've lost Coach Leach over this.  If they don't fire him, he may even leave on his own after the way he's been treated by the athletic director and others who were a part of making this decision to suspend him.  This whole thing is unfortunate considering how much Coach Leach as done for this football program.  There are no winners except for this kid and his high profile father!

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Thank you so much for stating the position so clearly! We could not agree with you more!
We respect Gerald Myers for everything he has done for the University, but it is time for him to retire and allow fresh blood to come in. The good old SWC days are over, and TTU fans being satisfied with wins against either ATM or Texas in the same season are also over! With ticket prices increasing, fans will not pay for mediocrity and have begun to expect Texas Tech to be ranked. Mr. Myers would like nothing more than for Texas Tech to be mediocre, so he can be in control.
Whether individuals like it or not, we all know that Texas Tech football is where the majority of the revenue for the university is generated. We think the Chancellor and Board of Regents need to do the right thing and keep Coach Leach! He is good for the University and Lubbock!
We emailed the following letter to Guy Bailey, Kent Hance and the admin assistant for the board of regents. Perhaps you can ensure this gets into the appropriate hands.

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I totally agree with you.  The timing was ridiculous, as are the charges.  This does nothing but hurt recruiting and embarrass the University.  It would never have been done if it wasn't Craig James' son!  Adam needs to head on to SMU where they will cater to his family!  

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I agree with you 100%.  It is just an excuse for Gerald Meyers to get rid of Mike.  I wouldn't be surprised if Gerald suggested to Craig James to file a formal complaint against Mike.  I believe Mike when he says that Adam is a slacker, but he can afford to be, for all he has to do is call daddy.  I taught high school for 30 years and I know first hand how students can be.

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I completely agree with everything you discussed. You are right on the mark. It is time for Gerald Myers to go and for Kent Hance to make a public statement about this situation with an action plan to correct what I feel is unfair treatment to Mike Leach. Thank you for representing many alumni with your thoughts.

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As a recent Alumni of Texas Tech, I am truly bothered by how Coach Leach has been treated by TTU's Administration.  Coach Leach has done so much both for the University as a whole and for the athletic department.  After all, without his exciting approach to football, the new expansion to the football stadium would never have been a possibility.  I remember arriving 8 hours early  to the 2008 football game against UT.  Thousands of my fellow students were in line as well and we were all excited by the possibility of defeating a top-ranked team.  Beating UT remains one of my favorite memories of attending TTU and this would never have been possible without the leadership of Coach Mike Leach and his fearless crew.  To see him suspended without due process is truly a slap in the face from an ungrateful administration.  Although I would hate to lose Coach Leach, I know I would not want to return to an institution that I didn't feel supported my efforts.  I pray that Meyers will be forced to sever ties with TTU and Leach will return as the eccentric captain of our Red Raiders.

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I wholeheartedly agree with you on this situation.  I will continue to support my school but will never attend another athletic event or donate to the Red Raider Club again if Coach Leach is fired.  I encourage others to do the same.  Mr. Myers behavior is horrible and we would be lucky if Coach Leach agreed to stay after the way he has been treated.  I literally cannot fathom how the board of regents can allow this injustice to occur.  Wake up before out athletic department suffers damage beyond repair.  The lyrics are Bear our banners far and wide not smear us far and wide.  Thank you Mr. Jackson for standing up to this tyrant.

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Amen, sir.  I find a couple of things rather unsettling about this whole deal: the timing and the fact that the investigation just started.  Did I miss something?  Are we now guilty until proven innocent in this country? Hang him first, then give him a fair trial?  From what I've read so far on this, the "investigation" is just starting, not completed and ready for action.

I also find the timing terribly coincidental, right before an important bowl game.  Hopefully the players will be able to remain focused and bring home the trophy.  This is not the Tidy Bowl the Red Raiders are going to. It's a major bowl.  I also think it is very telling that none of the other players are jumping up to defend young James.  I'm afraid I would become rather suspicious if some did at this late stage of the game, too.  I would have to ask why they didn't complain earlier.

Oh, and I'm betting if Coach Leach is suspended on Jan. 1st, ol' Gerald just just saved a cool $800,000, too. Mr. Myers needs to polish up his resume and pack his bags.  He is once again showing himself to be more of a liability to Tech, bowing to an overrated announcer who really just wants his son at SMU (my opinion).

This investigation should have taken about 30 seconds, and never come to this.  Gerald Myers is the one who owes an apology: to Coach Leach, Texas Tech, and Lubbock.  And, yes, I am an alumni of Tech.

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I guess Craig James is not satisfied to ruin only one football program. If Myers uses this to fire Leach, it proves he is incapable of being a competent athletic director. Leach is the only football coach who has made Tech a consistently, competitive, nationally recognized program. For Myers to fire Leach for this after hiring Knight with his past, that's absurd.
Backing Leach all the way!

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Way to go Dan. I have said for years that Myers needed to retire. Leach has done nothing short of putting Tech an the map 100 fold, something that Spike nor Myers could ever do. Myers has tried to undermine Leach, Tech, and Lubbock time and time again. Once again, Myers waited until Tech was shut down for the holidays, and just before a big bowl game to pull another "under the table shot" at Leach. When are the Regents and Hance going to start noticing what goes on at Texas Tech and take the appropriate action? Get rid of the REAL problem..Myers.

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I am a Texas Tech Alumni.  Here are my thoughts:  Give Leach a bonus, fire Gerald Myers and Kent Hance.

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Your commentary is always well thought out and this time I think you've got it so right. Gerald Myers should have been fired years ago when he was the men's basketball coach. Texas Tech could do so much better than Myers. My comment would be that he (Myers) knows all about 3rd string players, as he himself was once one.

My vote as a Tech Alum is keep Leach, fire Myers!!!!

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Dan Jackson, your are so right.  You speak for the majority of Lubbock.  God Bless you for putting it out there for all to hear and read!

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I am furious at Gerald Myers and the Tech administration regarding how they have handled this situation.  While we do not have all the facts, this no doubt wreaks of foul play, a vendetta Myers has out for Coach Leach.  Gerald has some explaining to do to Texas Tech fans.

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We agree.  Once again, TTU is being made a laughing stock by not thinking through a whole situation before acting and putting all the stuff in the media.

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Suspending Mike Leach with no cause is going to only harm the university.  If he is fired ... I will be more than disappointed.  I will be furious.  Mike Leach is the best thing that's happened to Texas Tech.  They brought in Knight thinking he would bring us national attention and he didn't do it, Leach did, with his winning seasons and his 11 consecutive bowl games.
So far, I've heard nothing that requires a suspension.  But more importantly, so far, there are no facts.  There is only conjecture and the statement by Craig James (or the James Family).  And I am not convinced that James was not angry at the outset because his son was not receiving more playing time.  And I'm also mindful that Craig James was not always on the up and up as a student, and took bribes from boosters that eventually led to SMU's "death penalty" from the NCAA.
Leach is unconventional and says silly things to the press sometimes ... but he does not deserve this from the University he has done so much for.
I'm saddened by this, and I'm extremely disappointed that the university is treating one of our own this way.

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Enough said, I totally agree with your synopsis....Myers should go and gladly let the little cry baby transfer to SMU. KEEP LEACH!

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I totally agree with your assessment - there is only one winner and unfortunately it is not Leach, the fans, the players - etc.  I think it is terrible to the players that their Coach was taken from this right before a big game.  I think that says it all about the TTU admini - who do they support?  Not their students, not their players - surely they could have come up with a better solution that this.  As a member of a school faculty, it bothers me that Coach Leach was not given a chance to discuss the issue - have a due process before getting to this point.  Really makes you think the admin is thinking about the money??  Come on TTU admin - support your players - they got Tech to a game that puts YOUR University on the map - this is very discouraging.  My son just graduated from TTU last May and I really thought that TTU backed their teachers and their students - but this really puts a very bad light on the admin.  For the players sake, give Coach Leach his job back and then proceed on your investigation next week.  If you are concerned about the players - go to the field and keep an eye on Leach - I am sure he would be most happy for you to be there.  Support your players TTU - - you are making TTU an embarrassment - not Coach Leach, but TTU admin.

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You nailed it.  The administration and the athletic department are the ones who will suffer.  Leach will be vindicated, move on, and do a terrific job for some other lucky school.  Way to let egos (Adam James, Craig James, and Gerald Myers) get in the way of a good thing.

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I completely agree that this entire "incident" has come down in a questionable manner....But this isn't the first time that we have lost a coach (James Dickey*) to questionable actions by a certain AD.  Perhaps, rather than letting Coach Leach go, the Regents should consider the source and past actions of Mr. Myers and relieve him of his duties on a permanent basis.
*From Wikipedia:
James Dickey replaced Myers as head coach prior to the 1991/92 season and would remain at Texas Tech until his dismissal at the end of the 2000/01 season. During his 10 seasons at Texas Tech, Dickey amassed a 166–124 win-loss record (164–123 with vacated games omitted). The program also won its 1,000th game under Dickey—a 71–62 victory at UALR.

Dickey took over a Texas Tech program that had finished with a 13–45 combined record over Myers' final two years and led his first team to a winning season and fifth-place finish in Southwest Conference play, after having been picked to finish last in the conference. In his second year as head coach, the Red Raiders won the Southwest Conference tournament championship, the school's fourth, to secure the league's automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. Texas Tech finished the 1994/95 season with a 20–10 record, sharing the SWC regular season championship with Texas and earning a berth in the 1995 National Invitation Tournament. In the SWC's final season, Dickey's 1995-96 Red Raiders produced the most successful season in school history and one of the more memorable seasons in the history of the conference, finishing 30–2 overall and undefeated in conference play, winning both the SWC regular season championship and the conference tournament title, advancing to the "Sweet Sixteen" in the NCAA Tournament, and finishing #8 in the AP Poll and #10 in the Coaches' Poll.

The Raiders moved to the Big 12 for the 1996/97 season, and appeared to pick up right where they left off with a solid 19–9 season. It was discovered during the inaugural Big 12 basketball tournament, however, that two players were academically ineligible. Hours after the team's first-round game, Texas Tech announced that it was withdrawing from postseason consideration and forfeiting its entire conference schedule. The Raiders had lost that game, and would have had to forfeit it if they had won. A subsequent investigation revealed massive violations dating back to 1990 in men's basketball and nine other sports. As a result, the NCAA stripped Tech of its two NCAA tournament wins in 1996 and docked it nine scholarships over four years. Dickey was unable to recover from the lost scholarships and was fired after his 2000/01 team produced a 9–19 overall record—the program's fourth straight losing season. 

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Amen, Dan! Gerald Meyers has GOT To Go!!!

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I think it is very sad, when one person can cry about a problem with a coach or teacher and have them suspended.  Myers needs to go.  He is way past due.  If  Coach Leach is fired,  a lot will be lost.  Recruiting, Fans and respect for Tech Tech.  I don't think anyone will want  James after this, I wouldn't!

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Thanks for making a stand.  Do you think this has anything to do with the $800K that Leach will get for coaching the game?

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I certainly agree with everything you said 100%.  Myers is the one that needs the pink slip...

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I agree with you this is bad for everyone.  The only answer and the only way to keep our Captain Leach is to serve up Meyers on a platter.  It should have been done a long time ago after the contract mess.  I think Marsha Sharp would make a great AD!!!! 

I've been following this closely and it looks like support for Leach is 100 to 1 and the 1 is UT supporters and James Gang members!  Hell even Lou Holtz had his back!!

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If Coach Leach gets fired over this, I feel sorry for Tech.  There is not going to be a college in their right mind that is going to touch this kid.  If you don't do what his parents want then you are going to have allegations of mis treatment and lose your job if I were a coach I would say no thanks and walk away.

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I completely agree with your statement! Someone posted this on the ESPN website and I COMPLETELY agree with it. "Who else thinks that Craig James should be suspended immediately for potential exaggerations and defamation of character. Proof? We don't need any proof. Suspend him NOW and then investigate LATER. Investigate AFTER the bowl game where James was supposed to work". The only good thing Gerald M. has EVER done for the Texas Tech athletic program is hire Leach. I think the real problem is Gerald Myers himself! If they fire Texas Tech, then there is going to be a massive uproar in the city of Lubbock. Not to mention, I will NEVER donate a single cent of my hard earned money as an alumni to support the university's athletic program. I am a proud Red Raider, but this is the most absurd thing I have ever heard of.

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You are right on, as usual.  What a sad day for Tech.  I appreciate the way KCBD has reported on this situation and the way you have stepped up in defense of Coach Leach and reminder of previous problems revolving around Gerald Myers.  I remembered it well.
It's time for Mr. Myers to seek employment elsewhere . . . maybe ESPN?

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This whole situation could not have been said better. Every point and observation you pointed out I concur with. Please pass on my prayers and my support to Coach Leach!

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I think you are exactly right.  I could not agree more.  Tell it like it is.  We need to mount a campaign to tar and feather  Gerald Myers and run him out of town.  If Guy Bailey and Kent Hance don't get on the right side of this issue, they can go with him.  That goes for the regents on the wrong side as well.

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Thank You Mr. Jackson. I agree 100% 

Consider This... Who wins in Leach suspension?NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson shares who he thinks should be fired over the Mike Leach controversy.

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