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Rally to be held on Thursday in support of Mike Leach

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Around town, cars are painted, flags are flying upside down and at half staff, and Wednesday evening a couple dozen Red Raider fans filled Memorial Circle to show their support for Coach Mike Leach.

Supporters gathered to chant and raise signs all in support of their favorite football coach. They say the purpose of Wednesday's rally is to support Leach and the Texas Tech football team.

They want the administration to know that they are not happy with the decision, and would love to see it reversed. "Leach was the most successful Texas Tech football coach so I see it as a downgrade. I think it's sad. I don't plan on renewing my ticket which is sad to the team and I don't want to do that to the team, but I think it also sends a message to the administration," said Tech fan Becky Koehler.

"After Saturday we can all make whatever drastic decisions we need to do as far as canceling season tickets for next year, finding other schools to root for, things like that but right now we do still have a game to play. We've still got guys we need to support and remember they are still part of our team here at Tech," said former Tech student Sean McCrossen.

Now the fans tell me that Wednesday was all a warm up for Thursday's big rally. They will be holding a more organized rally Thursday at noon at Memorial Circle. They encourage all coach Leach fans to come out and show their support.

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