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You are quite gifted in the art of "common sense!"  Whether you love football, hate it, or care nothing at all about it, in our state, it really is "King!"  The University's success in GENERAL is based on their football program.  This decision to fire Leach is detrimental to our community, and our entire region.

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The Texas Tech hierarchy has done the university and it's loyal supporters a huge disservice, firing Coach Leach. This whole thing reeks of politics.

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I am in Albuquerque and thank you for your web page to keep us updated. I graduated in 77 with a BS in Physical Education. We had a good program then but Leach has made it into a fantastic program. I have several degrees from other universities and contributed to Tech as an Alumni. I have not contributed since the issue over the contract with the university and Leach, and now this confirms my suspicions. I teach Sociology at the university level and your right. Power and wealth are the main factors in social change. It is a sad day for Texas Tech and Lubbock that administration lowers itself to personal power and revenge. The administration is the one that is in error and I hope Coach Leach makes them pay money wise.  

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Guys, long time listener, first time writer. As you can see from my email, I am Red Raider alumni- I also got my degree from Tech in Journalism, which I am very proud of. Although many see it a dying breed, I think integrity and openness are a way of life, especially in our positions.
Which is why I am so infuriated by the coverage that ESPN has been giving to the Mike Leach scandal. You are correct, ESPN did not get Mike Leach fired. However, you are not reporting this to the best of your ability. Yesterday I heard on "College Football Live" the desk man ask Schad if he though this was all over 1 players issues, and Schad replied back for almost a minute straight without saying either yes or no. And despite the fact that there are no less than EIGHT open letters from former players the likes of Grahm Harell, Eric Morris and Rylan Reed, you have not ONCE mentioned them.
The breaking point came this morning when I heard you ask if "any" players had come to support Leach, and you said that you couldn't talk with all 100 players on the team. Well you certainly didn't have any problem at all finding two players yesterday saying how much they support Leach getting fired. Why are you not reporting both sides, like say, CBS COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS?? Is it because they don't have to play "circle the wagons" like you all have been around a certain sports figure and his son? I don't care any more about what happens at my beloved school, but your refusal to show both sides of a very VERY serious and important issue has ashamed me. I would love to see you respond to this, but if the past few days is any indication, this will never make it to air and may never make it beyond some assistants eyes. If that is the case, shame on you. You should look long and hard at your employers ethics.

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I am a tremendous Mike Leach and Texas Tech fan. I am saddened by Leach's firing. I have a real problem with Mike Leach not listing to Mr. Kent Hance the man who keep him at Tech. By Mike Leach ignoring  Mr. Hance showed no respect for Mr. Hance or the university.  This was a mistake. Does Mike Leach think he is bigger than Texas Tech ? There is no question AD Gerald Meyers had a vendetta against coach Leach and this was all he needed. This man does not care about Texas Tech and  is only feeding his own ego. Gerald Meyers needs to retire. As to Adam James why didn't Coach Leach just ignore and bench him. As stated he would have most likely transferred his lazy butt to SMU. Better for Tech in the long run.

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Dan Jackson
Thank You that we have one person in the media of Lubbock who uses Logic and Truth.
You words on consider this were the most accurate anyone has had the nerve to say about Texas Tech
We keep a coach that in public Cussed out and put his hands on the throat of the Chancellor.
But we fired a coach that made a spoiled child go stand  in the corner
WE will never be different until Gerald (Knight)Myers is gone.
My question is what does Gerald have on the admin at TT that he is still here and the innocent are gone
MONEY-CONTROL-POWER as you said are the changes that Texas Tech need
Thank You for your willingness to speak up

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I am in total agreement with you in thinking that Mike's firing has to do with  power, control and money. Ever since there was an issue over Mike's salary,  Texas Tech has
been bitter over that issue and were looking for any reason they could dismiss him.  In no way should the firing been blamed on Adam James being placed in the garage for an extended time. The worse thing that should have come from that would have been a hand slap to Mike but not  fire him from his job.
Gerald Myers  has  absolutely too much say so in who, what and how the coaches are treated.  The thing that comes to mind right quick is how  Bobby Knight acted on and off the basketball court with his  outbursts at officials or whoever he did not agree with.  He would get on t.v. and say some of the most bizarre things in anger and used cuss words too without any regard as to how it sounded and the reflection it had  on Texas Tech.  Why was he not  suspended and/or fired ?????  Because he and Myers were friends is the reason for his behavior being overlooked and tolerated.  Truthfully,  he was  an  "embarrasement"  to Lubbock and should have been to Tech.
With the bonus money coming due for Mike,  it was an excellent time for Tech to fire him to eliminate having to pay him... That's pretty low down and I hope Mike wins in the end.
Tech is not the  school of all schools for a coach to work and Mike will receive many other offers for his talents that's for sure.
Thanks for the opportunity to express my views.

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I've had to follow some of the Leach vs TTU through you and KCBD as I'm working/living in Plainfield,IL now (BSME '90 TTU); Keep up the good work. The truth will come out on the James treatment and when it does, justice will hopefully prevail.

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Thank you for calling the firing of Mike Leach exactly what it is - a tragedy.
As a business professional who holds two degrees from Texas Tech, a season ticket holder, member of the Alumni Association, and Red Raider Club donor, I am disgusted at the arrogance of an administration who would fire someone for refusing to apologize. NCAA Division I football is not Kindergarten. The Athletic Director's job is not to police the campus-playground making sure you "tell him you're sorry." That he would do so, and in such a public manner, is indeed a tragedy of arrogance.
Those of us in the real world see exactly what this is - Gerald Meyer's ego. Those of us who work for a living are inspired when a "Pirate" of sorts, like Leach, marches to the beat of his own drum. Non-conformity is refreshing to those of us whose budgets don't allow that option. Arrogant bosses like Meyers provide stomach-turning reminders of our own limitations. The administration is disillusioned to think the average fan won't side with Leach simply out of disdane for subjugating control-freaks like Meyers. I expect many fans will, like me, express this disdane with our wallets and seek Saturday afternoon entertainment elsewhere.

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Some very interesting reading in the Dallas Paper this AM.  Alot of e-mails between Hance and others with the subject matter being getting rid of Leach.  Most of these are almost a year old.  The James' were just pawns in all this. 

This is just documentation of what we already knew...Hope Tech has some deep pockets when they get sued....  Cause their revenue stream is gonna slow down.

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You are exactly right in your most recent consider this.  You can now look forward to the Dykes boy being our new coach.  What a sham this whole episode has been.  We will return to mediocrity and have another good ole boy for a coach.  Lubbock can't even keep it's international airport open how can you expect it to keep a winning coach. 

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This is an outrage and an embarrassment for our community and this university.  Unfortunately not a surprise on Tech's behalf to rely on their same old ignorant mentality. Mike-wish you the best on your lawsuit and hope you get every dime coming to you and then some!  Thank you for what you've done for Texas Tech and Lubbock.  You will be missed!

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Thank you KCBD for your accurate, good coverage!  I, like over 90% of our Raider Fans, are still just sick that we have leaders who do not listen to us and care only care about their pride and their ego and cannot bend an inch!!!!!!!  Kent Hance is the one who is unbelievably stubborn!!  Yes, Coach Leach was different, but so is Texas Tech!  I've been cheering for the Raiders for 50 years.  I've gone to Texas when we lost by 50 points to rejoicing as Spike Dykes and Mike Leach brought so much success to our university!  I'm so ashamed that Kent Hance would go on national TV and just tell the truth that he thought Leach was stubborn and sued him, like is every American right, so he showed HIS power and HIS stubbornness, just absolutely disregarding the desires of Raiders he represents!!!!!!  I am so ashamed of him.  I am sick!!!  My children are absolutely sick!  My neighbors are sick!  Please let Kent Hance and Gerald Meyers know that they have robbed Tech of SO MUCH and will cost Tech SO MUCH money for thier stubborn pride and egos and certainly are the ones with a control issue!!  Mr. Hance, you should put down your anger and being enraged that Coach Leach asked in a court to be able to do his job for his players in San Antonio.  The $800.000 you saved Tech will be a drop in the bucket compared to the needless legal fees you will incur!!  Your stubborn pride and actions with no regard for those you represent, will cost us dearly!  I was in California on business last year when we beat Texas and was so proud to see the game and watch every restaurant in Palm Springs tune in and talk favorably about Texas Tech!  I don't know how we'd ever pay for that kind of positive coverage!!  I don't know how long it will take us to overcome the negative coverage for our university that you have caused.  It is a very sad day when a few leaders override the majority because of a very personal ego trip.  You are the one who owes an apology to Coach Leach, his staff, Tech students and all Raider Fans.  I wish you no harm, but that you could see the side of those you represent.

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You got that right its all about control of the coach and not putting butts in seats. Tech football was the cash cow for the department and now its gone, I am sure the cash cow was slaughtered on Wednesday in the firing of Coach Leach. We need an AD that has a lot less ego and being a control freak. It is long past due for him to go, just look at the lady radiers and see the empty seats in the USA they have destroyed that program.  

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I have been in Texas since 2002. I have been a Texas Tech fan the entire time. I love the energy of the football team and love Coach Leach's quirkiness. I think he is good for Lubbock and good for Tech. He has taken Tech football to another level. I met him and Coach McNeill on Spring Game day last April and found him to be very gracious and appreciative of the fans. They both stayed 1-1/2 hours over their allotted time to make sure everyone that wanted a picture or autograph received one. Gerald Myers, for some reason, has it in for Leach. We cannot figure out why. Myers gives me the impression that he is above it all; that no one or nothing should be bigger then him in the Tech sports world. It is my opinion that he cannot stand that Leach is as popular as he is and is looking for a reason to fire him. I will say this … if Leach is fired, myself, my wife and the 4 other people that have faithfully supposed Tech football by purchasing season tickets these last 3 years (in spite of yearly price increases in the face of a poor economy) will NOT be purchasing them this coming season. Our understanding is that thousands upon thousands of other Leach supporters feel the same way. If Myers fires Leach he will have to deal with a firestorm the likes he never would imagine. He would set the program back years … it may never recover. What self respecting coach would willingly come into a situation like the one Leach finds himself in. How would a half full stadium look to you there Mr. Myers? Leave Coach Leach alone. Let the man coach. He has done nothing wrong.

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Nothing wrong? I heard leach hung poor student athletes on meat hooks in a meat locker like unto leatherface in the Texas(tech) chainsaw massacres for no good reason.

I have read e-mails where the villainous coach has an inclined table where he personally water boards his players.  In a dark shed.  I haven't seen pictures of the place, but from descriptions, it sounds like a 3' by 3' closet with rusty nails protruding into the space so any soul so unfortunate to be sequestered within the torture room would shred flesh from bones if he so much as moves a quarter inch.  No electric, no water, no hope.

Well, it's either believe that or believe that a prima-donna pampered boy has a poor attitude and doesn't believe in coach's rules or discipline.

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Consider this, the perennial top two teams in the big 12 South are Texas and Oklahoman. Would they treat their coaches like this???? "Fire the AD and rehire LEACH".

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Dan, after reading the emails from players and coaches as to the attitude of Adam James, i regret to say that,after countless years of support, i will NO LONGER be able to support Texas Tech athletics in ANY manner as long as authority figures there are still in place. I can NOT be a part of a society that will in any way lead them to believe that what ever they do, whether right or wrong, is acceptable. I'd also like to call on the rest of the alum and supporters to let your heart give YOU strength to follow the road of "right", knowing it will be TEMPORARY if we unify.

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I am a Tech alum who, pre-Mike Leach, was completely disinterested in Tech, its football program, and sports in general. Mike Leach changed all that for me, and I became almost as rabid a Tech football fan as my good friend, John Baucum (though no one can quite match his enthusiasm.) Yes, Mike Leach is quirky; and yes, he's hard-headed: guilty as charged. Aren't all successful leaders? His firing appears to be entirely about one-upsmanship. But I can assure Tech's Board of Regents that no administrator, nor Kent Hance, nor Guy Bailey, nor Gerald Myers, nor any coach who will succeed Mike Leach will enjoy the loyalty and sincere fan base that Mike Leach has. The afore-mentioned administration will be greeted with nothing but contempt from now on, and there is no spin they can throw out that will diminish that; further, all three should be forced to resign their positions by reason of utter and complete incompetence and ineptitude. Yes, Tech is bigger than one person, but to willfully and deliberately toss under the bus the one person who quite literally put Tech and Lubbock, Texas on the map is entirely wrong-headed and foolhearty, at best. And they said Leach wouldn't listen to reason...

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I have been an avid fan of TTU athletics, but no more.  I am so disgusted with the administration.  Meyers has wanted to fire Leach for years--Leach is not one of the good ole boys.  Meyers hired Bob Knight and we all know how concerned he is for his players.  I wonder who Meyers wants as football coach--I'm sure he has a good ole boy in mind who will conform to Meyers' rules.  Now Meyers can send all our home games to Dallas--who cares!
I really thought Ch. Hance had some backbone when he did not let Meyers fire Leach during the contract negotiations, but obviously he doesn't.  Maybe the next coach will get him fired the way Knight got Smith fired.  It would serve him right.
I plan to follow Coach Leach's career and support what ever team he coaches.

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You took the words right out of my mouth..
When I first heard about Leach's suspension, I knew it wasn't going to end well for him,
but when my brother told me this afternoon about Leach being fired, I thought he was wasn't being serious.
So when I got online and checked out I saw the terrible news.
It's one thing to fire someone after an investigation involving them or their behavior and the investigation finds evidence against the individual which is grounds for termination.
It's another thing to suspend said individual and 2 days later terminate him without any results from the investigation against him.
It's also fishy how Tech terminates Leach right before his $800,000 bonus is due to him.
It's obvious a few people in the administration wanted him out.
Granted, some of his disciplinary actions were a bit unorthodox, but the results of these actions have made Texas Tech a premier university not only in the football side, but also in the academic part of the school.
The worst part of this is Craig James and ESPN/ABC. ESPN should have either suspended him from the booth or made him swear an oath of silence regarding this matter.
From what I have read, Craig's kid is not what you would call a "teammate."
Teammates say he ditches workouts, talks bad about the coaching staff, and is lazy with his school work. He obviously used his daddy's influence with ESPN in order to get his way.
I wonder if the administrators remembered that Leach is a lawyer. I bet there will a big legal matter over his termination.
For Tech's sake, I hope this is reversed. Because not only will this action be looked upon with disappointment by the Red Raider Nation, but all of College Football.

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The season ticket holders will decline because of this.  This reminds me of Jerry Jones and his Cowboys.  He cannot control a coach, so he fires them only to replace a winner with a "butt boy". The regime that runs Tech will regret this I feel someday.  If anyone should be fired it needs to be Hance, Meyers, and anyone else that buys into the "good ole boy" system that infects so much of our government and institutions.  PIRATES FOREVER!!

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Thank you for the opportunity to voice my personal opinion concerning the firing of Mike Leach.  Chancellor Hance, whom I have supported while he was in the political arena stated that insubordination is grounds for dismissal.  If that is true then why was Adam James allowed to remain as a scholorship athelete after his conduct towards two of the assistant coaches?  If Coach Leach was given due process to refute allegations against him then why were they not reported by the university?  I refuse to believe that this process was carried out in a professional manner by the athletic dept. and therefore believe that a thorough investigation should be instituted against those in charge as to what steps were taken to insure a fair and complete investigation. ie Gerald Myers as Director has sole responsibility for this process and has again demonstrated that his personal opinions outweigh his duty to the university and to Tech fans.  I will refrain from attending Tech events until there is a change in the Athletic Director position.

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I think it is a disgrace that the powers to be at Texas Tech think that they have to do this to be in charge. Tech football has had some great coaches in the past but not any quiet as successful as Coach Leach. I am ashamed that my Alma Mater has people in charge that are so blind and power hungry! It is a sad day for Tech and Red Raider Nation!!!

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Mike Leach should have hit the little spoiled brat and Gerald Myers would have been giving Mike L Hi fives.

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Mr. Jackson thank you for telling it like it really is in the  Coach Leach firing and being the first topublish Leachs statement, Red still at this hour has not put it on their website, what does this say, I really beleive the fallout from this is far from over and the fans and Techs program will suffer for a long time,thats reality, makes me sad especially since this could have been avoided, again.

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I just want to say that I think Gerald Myers needs to be GONE and LONG GONE from Tech  I think he wanted leach gone and no mater what it was done.  I am afraid this is going to hurt Tech for a long time to come no mater who the new coach is now.  I think there are a lot of donors that are going to not give any more money to Tech until Mr Myers has gone from the school.  I think Mr Myers and the entire board of regents needs to admit this was nothing more than a vendetta and go on.

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thank you for your words as you hit the nail on the head........sorry my guns are not waving too high tonight.

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I have a question. If the Tech player's have been prohibited from talking to the media about the change in coaching at Tech, how is it that Fox Sports and the AP are able to quote Tramain Swindall on the following? Wide receiver Tramain Swindall said he supported the decision to fire Leach.

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I was not the biggest Leach fan (since he went for it on 4th and 1 in the Houston game...still a little mad about that), but I felt like I'd been shot today when I heard the news. I have even emailed Governor Perry to tell him that if he doesn't push for Myers to get fired (TTU brought up the fact that they can't be sued because they're an arm of the State of Texas), I will actively campaign for Hutchinson...and I'm a true conservative. Sorry guns will never be up again. I have 3 brilliant daughters (not just a proud father saying that) and none will be allowed to grace that disgusting place with their presence. I have already destroyed every piece of TTU clothing I own and will go out of my way to see to it that not one penny of my money ever goes to that horrible place.

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The firing of Mike Leach feels like an un-natural disaster, something has been abruptly and recklessly torn from us Tech fans.. or more like a ship wreck..people will start abandoning ship and quick. Tech has cut their financial juggler and will bleed until they will realize just how loyal the Texas Tech fans are. It's a shame they spent so much money on a stadium that will NEVER be filled again. 

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Sadly, some of the players are probably thrilled to have Coach Leach off of their backs. They will now get their Facebook and Twitter pages back and they will get a new head coach too afraid to impose penalties for failure. They don't yet realize that their football careers are gone along with Coach Leach. As a Tech fan, I am saddened by the actions taken by the administration and board of regents and disapprove of the manner in which they dealt with the entire situation concerning Coach Leach. There are many emails floating around the internet from past and present players and coaches detailing the lack of talent, interest and respect from Mr. James during his time on the Texas Tech football team. As badly as I (and the majority of Texas tech football fans) would like to see coach Leach reinstated as the head coach, I understand that it is probably an impossibility but would like to offer a suggestion to the administration. Next time you decide to fire OUR head coach, please be sure to keep the fans in mind before jumping the gun. Afterall, we fill the stands and buy the merchandise. The administrations actions may only ensure that the pressboxes and suites are filled in 2010.

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dear Mr Jackson just wanted to thank you for you comment about the Coach Mike Leach was the Best Coach Tech ever had God Bless Coach Leach!!!

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Firing Leach to save $800,000 will cost millions in the long run.  Way to go Hance and Myers!!!

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I am a Tech fan and have always been a Tech fan but I will not put my Guns up until Myers IS GONE.

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I just watched your video, and might I say, nicely done. This might have been the biggest mistake that TTU has ever made. Not only does it reflect badly on the university itself, but it also puts a bad taste in diehard fans, the people who matter tremendously. Texas Tech has just "Wrecked" themselves. I was considering transferring to TTU and now I feel it would be embarrassing to transfer after this issue. That just makes me wonder how many other college students will be thinking the same thing.  Hmmm?

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Thank you so much for putting this Leach mess in the correct perspective. You have been so right on with your two commentaries about the situation. I'm especially glad that you gave the three real issues of the firing by Tech, in light of the damage control that Chancellor Hance performed on ESPN at halftime of the Baylor-Arkansas game. It is indeed a sad day for Texas Tech and the decision has far reaching impact for our community's economy. I'm looking forward to more of your commentaries in the future.

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While I am trying to reserve judgment until all of the facts are known, concerning the firing of Coach Mike Leach today, I agree with your "Consider This" article 100%. I STRONGLY feel that the main focus of any investigation at Texas Tech should be on Gerald Myers. I am amazed at the lack of openness and communication on the part of Gerald Myers, Kent Hance, Guy Bailey and the other cronies that are the "decision makers" at TTU. I realize this could be partially due to a self-imposed gag order until all law suits have been settled, but they have allowed various media outlets, both local and national, to circulate rumors and leave the public to choose what they want to believe.   Gerald Myers has proven many times

throughout the years that his ego is the driving force in the majority of the decisions that he is faced with. It seems as if he only has his best interest and the interest of his "good ole boy" network in mind and no amount of public outcry will be taken into consideration in his decision making. It is incredibly frustrating that past questionable events, some that have occurred in full view of the general public, have conveniently been swept under the rug and dismissed as "a non issue". A very small part of me hopes that other evidence was brought to light that is being held in confidence by the university that ultimately led to Coach Leach's dismissal.

I know it is highly unlikely that the true Red Raider fans will get the real story. If his firing was based on an isolated "shed" or "closet" incident this will be the worst decision in the history of Texas Tech University….the hiring of Gerald Myers not withstanding.


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Thank You I agree.  The best 10 years of TECH football.  With a Leach team we were never out of the game.  Coming back from 31 against MN, 17 points in the last 3 minutes at the Gator.  Harrell's last min drive to beat TX.  The AdMin just threw it away.  I live in VA and finally bought season tickets the last few years because it became tough to get tickets to the games I wanted to go to.  I was there at the Gator Bowl, At the TX game.  We want forget.  Thank You Coach Leach, and please be successful in the law suit or additional coaching jobs but please outside of the Big 12.

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I realize in your position you must mince words to protect your advertisers.The hard, cold facts are that three egocentric individuals decided that their opinion was more important than the 90% opinion of the fans. Tell Hance, Bailey, and especially Myers that they are the three dumbest mofos on the planet. I'll watch Tech football in the future on the three games that are televised in the future. Take my 30 years of support and season tickets and flush them.

Consider This Special Edition... Leach Termination
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