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Asst. Coach documents what he calls Adam James' effort to get back at coaches

What follows is the text of an email from Assistant Coach Lincoln Riley to Guy Bailey and Gerald Myers documenting what he believes is an effort by Adam James to "get back" at the TTU coaching staff.  It was sent December 26th at 2:35 p.m.

Two practices before Adam James claimed he had a concussion; Coach Leach and I were forced to discipline him for poor effort from the previous practice and poor effort during the early drills of that day.  This has been a common theme about Adam's work ethic and attitude during his entire career.

Adam, along with two other receivers that were also unsatisfactory, was sent to run stadium steps with Bennie Wylie.  After the practice, Bennie made it very clear to Coach Leach and I that Adam was a complete "jerk" while he was being punished.

After talking with Adam after the practice, it was very clear to me that Adam did not agree with the punishment and believed that we were just mis-asessing his effort.  He complained to me that we were not doing our jobs as coaches and that his effort was just fine, all of which is very typical of him to say.

By comparison, the other receiver that we punished agreed that his effort wasn't his best and had a good attitude with Bennie and also in meeting with me after practice. 

It's just another example of Adam thinking that he knows more about coaching than people who have been coaching for their entire lives. I have no doubt that anger from this led to where we are today with this situation and is his way of trying to "get back" at us coaches

Lincoln Riley

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