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Emails surface among Tech Administrators about Leach firing

By Katie Bauer  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - They were sent during Leach's contract negotiations last year and foreshadowed his firing.  The emails that NewsChannel 11 has obtained between Tech administration shed some light on the firing of Mike Leach.  The emails were exchanged more than a year ago.

The majority of the emails are written by Texas Tech athletic booster and former Tech Board of Regents Chairman Jim Sowell of Dallas.

In this email he writes to Plains Capital Bank CEO Alan White.  On December 8th 2008, he says "Gerald has some good ideas; he wants to only pay him for Big 12 wins since Leach won't schedule anybody for non-conference games. Leach doesn't have any other options, in my opinion, the only change we need to make is up his buyout penalty if he leaves and make sure if we fire him that we only owe him his remaining base salary of around $300,000 per year."

This comes more than a year before the firing of Leach.

In another email, on December 30, 2008, Sowell writes to chancellor Kent Hance and athletic director Gerald Myers, "Kent, they have no leverage, don't give in. Also, I feel you should sign a contract that would not cost us too much to fire him. He has to have a big buyout, he has shown no loyalty, he has tried to get another job every year for the past four years."

Sowell goes on to say, "Buyouts are important, if we had lost Leach this year, we couldn't have hired Briles if we wanted to because he had a $4-million buyout."

Art Briles is the football coach at Baylor currently and on Wednesday he was reported as the leading candidate to replace Leach.

Sowell continues, "I promise you our prospects for getting a better coach are much higher than Mike's prospects of getting a better job."

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