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HealthWise at 5 From 3.12

  • Outsmarting Cancer Researchers

At Purdue University are developing a special treatment method to fight cancer. The process works like this: cancer cells need to folate, a form of water soluable B Vitamin to grow. So researchers have developed a way to trick cancer cells into attracting and even ingesting anti-cancer agents attached to folate molecules. This leaves the surrounding normal tissue unharmed. Scientists say it's like slipping medicine in with cancers' favorite food. So far researchers have used mice for testing but human trials are expected to begin in November.

  • Depression Moms

New research finds that even a brief bout with depression in a mother can increase her children's risk of battling the disease later in life. Several studies have shown that children of depressed mothers have double the risk of suffering depression themselves. But this study looked at how much maternal depression it takes to increase a child's risk. Researchers studied 800 mothers and their teenage kids. They found that even a month of depression in a mom can raise the risk that her children will suffer from the same thing later. This study was conducted by researchers at UCLA and at Emory University. It is published in the journal archives of General Psychiatry.

  • Chicken Pox Dangers

The National Association of Pediatric Nurses wants to get the word out about the dangers of chickenpox a new survey conducted for the national association of pediatric nurses and practitioners found that lack of knowledge may be leading some parents to overlook the importance of the chicken pox vaccine. Of parents surveyed, as many as 48% were unaware that chicken pox is a serious disease. 66% don't know that chicken pox can lead to death. The Centers for Disease Control says as many as 100 people die from chicken pox complications each year. The vaccine is called Varicell, ask your doctor about it.

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