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Tech releases affidavits from witnesses in James' investigation

By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Leaders at Texas Tech University released two signed affidavits from witnesses in the Adam James investigation.

The two affidavits, five pages in length, are from Head Football Athletic Trainer Steve Pincock and the teams physician, Dr. Michael Phy and go into detail about the two days the James' family says Adam was abused after being diagnosed with a concussion.

The affidavits confirm Dr. Phy diagnosed James with a mild concussion on December 16th and that James should not practice.

Trainer Pincock says when James did show up to practice on December 17th he was wearing street clothes, sunglasses, and his cap on backward, not the proper practice attire even for injured players, making Leach mad.

Pincock states in the affidavit "He did not want to see James. He wanted James to be uncomfortable. He did not want him showing poor effort." Pincock then says Leach told him to tell James he was to "Lock his (expletives) in a place so dark that the only way he knows he as a (expletive) is to reach down and touch it."

That's when Pincock says he put James in a sports training shed near the field for about three hours until practice was over and that he was not allowed to sit. An undergraduate trainer was placed outside the door to check on James.

After practice was over, Pincock says "I told James I was sorry for having to place him in a dark shed but that these were Leach's instructions. I do not agree with this form of treatment for anyone and I discussed this with James."

Dr. Phy adds "I did not instruct anyone with Texas Tech to place James in an enclosed and dark space, and in my medical opinion there was no medical reason to require James to stand in an enclosed dark space for up to three hours."

On December 19th the affidavits state James showed up to practice, this time wearing appropriate attire, but Leach still asked for him to be put in a dark space. Pincock then goes on to say "I noticed an electrical closet in the room and walked inside. I commented on the noise in the room and told him not to go in that room."

As for Pincock's personal opinion on this treatment, he states "I feel that Leach's treatment of James was inappropriate and I did not agree with it. However I felt I had to follow the instructions of the head coach."

Dr. Phy also says "In spite of the fact that James may not have been harmed by these actions, I consider this practice inappropriate and a deviation from the medical standard of care."

The investigative attorney that took these statements also says Leach confirmed these accounts and when asked about the abusive language toward James, Leach replied "If I didn't say it I wish I had".

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