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Shakeup Expected at City Hall

"I've seen a draft of it, saw a draft of it this morning," said Lubbock Mayor Marc McDougal. He's privy to the reorganization plan for city hall. The goal; streamline city services. "With where were headed, trying to streamline and get more efficiencies at city hall, certainly I think Tommy's headed in the right direction," said the Mayor.

"We're not saying the sky is falling," said Interim City Manager Tommy Gonzalez. He's drafting the restructuring plan. Although certain to save money, Gonzalez says he isn't aiming for a certain figure. "I'm not going to say I'm looking at 5, 10, 20 million, no, that would be unfair," he said.

"He's our pitcher right now and we've got to pitch," said City Councilman Gary Boren. He has yet to see the plan, but likens Gonzalez's task to that of a Gardner. "Basically I would look at this as a pruning. To cut back in order to have a stronger city government," said Boren.

The reorganization plan is slated to be presented to the city council on march 27th. Officials are looking forward to streamlining city hall, but leery about saying the word layoff. Gonzalez stresses that his primary focus is to eliminate redundancy, not evaluate job performance.

"This review isn't to determine if someone's not working. I think everyone is working hard at city hall, and I want the public to know that," said Gonzalez.

Nevertheless, as the administration moves forward, some of those workers will be left behind - casualties of changing priorities.

"And there's some places that we can cut, and there's some places that we can do better, and there always are," said Mayor McDougal.

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