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Neugebauer says health care and national security on 2010 radar

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – It's the start of a new year, but many old issues face lawmakers in Washington.

West Texas Representative Randy Neugebauer says the year 2009 was "unprecedented" and he expects the economy, national security and the most pressing issue that waits for a vote -- health care reform to take center stage in 2010.   

"I think we are all in agreement that the existing system could be better. The major disagreement here - is the only solution here to totally revolutionize health care without taking steps to see if we can make it better," says Neugebauer. He says lawmakers will be under a lot of pressure to sign a bill before President Obama's State of the Union address later in January and those three weeks to send a bill to the president's desk is ambitious.

Another issue he says that requires immediate attention from lawmakers is the thwarted Christmas day terror attack where a man with alleged terror links tried to blow up an American bound plane. "My biggest concern is that we knew he was a bad guy. That's unacceptable and whoever allowed that to happen needs to be gone," says the congressman.

Neugebauer says relationships between intelligence agencies also need to be examined closely to determine whether or not it was the system that failed or simply an isolated instance.

Congressman Neugebauer will face a democrat in November but is not contested for the March primary.

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