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The Cappuccino Maker: Does It Work?

Bring a little bit of the coffee shop to your own kitchen with the Cappuccino Maker. But don't let the name fool you. The makers say this product really makes special whipped toppings for your favorite drinks; from cappuccinos to hot chocolate, but Does It Work?

Paul Lusk, owner of Aroma's coffee shop is no stranger to coffee specialty drinks. I showed him how it works. Its easy! Flip the switch, and the whisk does all the work.

Paul aerated the warm milk for a couple of minutes and was surprised at the results. Looks like it's getting a little bit of froth on there. You can't really see it, so Paul decided to brew up an espresso shot. "OK, what we'll do now is pour our shot of espresso into what we've made here will show you how much froth we have on top," said Paul.

Paul and I decided the name of the product should be The Froth Maker, and not The Cappuccino Maker. "The title is a little misleading. But it does serve its purpose and it makes good, decent froth. But you can't make a cappuccino just with this device. You need the espresso machine," said Paul. So, there you have it. Change the name to the froth maker and it works!

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