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City to Sell Water From Lake Alan Henry

NewsChannel 11 has learned that the City of Lubbock has agreed to sell water from city owned Lake Alan Henry to both Garza and Kent Counties. That includes the towns of Post and Jayton. Additional cities may be added to the agreement in the future.

The proposed legislation that would pave the way for deal is making its way through the process in Austin. But for now, Lubbock Mayor Marc McDougal calls this good news for Lubbock. "In the bill, we had drafted in there, a provision that allows us to recapture all of our cost that we have in the lake and the overall operational costs as well, it also allows us to get a rate of return on our investments," says McDougal.

Lake Alan Henry was built as a future water supply for Lubbock and when that need arises, a provision in the bill would allow the city to stop any water sales already in place. Sales will also stop if the water level drops just below 2185 feet. This is to preserve recreation at Lake Alan Henry.

The agreement will be introduced as a bill by state lawmakers in Austin before the end of the week.

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