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Praying for Our Troops

As Americans brace for war, millions are finding comfort in prayer. Here on the South Plains, congregations and prayer groups are making a point to say a special prayer for our leaders, our troops and all those closest to the impending war.

And there is something that might surprise you about those prayers. Not only are people praying for the troops and the President.  They're also praying for Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein.

From large congregations like Lubbock's Trinity Christian, to small prayer groups like the one at South Plains Church of Levelland, more and more people are turning to the Power of Prayer as uncertainty looms and war now appears inevitable.

They pray for the sick, the dying, the troops and our leaders. And as our troops prepare to go behind enemy lines, many are praying for American and Iraqi fighters. Even Saddam Hussein.  "The Bible says that flesh and blood is not our enemy. The devil is our ultimate enemy. However, I'm not saying that God's not calling us to defend our nation, because He is," says Melody Morris of South Plains Church. 

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