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Consider This...Take it all the way to the top

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - By now, I would have thought the anger over the Leach story would give way to the search for a new coach. Well, it hasn't and I'll let this week's feedback tell the story.

Darin wrote and said: "The vast MAJORITY of fans understand the real problem at TTU is the administration, not the WINNINGIST COACH IN TTU HISTORY. Mike Leach gets unjustly fired for not laying down to the control freaks at TTU!.....My New Years Wish, is to say goodbye to Kent Hence and Gerald Myers!!

Cecil says: "Add my name to the list of people who is getting tired of our school letting us down - acting more like a "good old boy club" and less like a tier one school."

Kevin writes: If the powers that be at Tech were so dissatisfied with Coach Leach on whatever level why couldn't they just man up and fire him without using an excuse? The obvious answer is money. I hope Chancellor Hance is made to eat his words on that subject! In my opinion Lubbock is hurt by all of this. The actions of all concerned have painted Lubbock as a small town represented by a few small minded back stabbing good old boys…

Michael points out: "It's not enough to fire Hance, Myers, and Bailey. The Regents need to become less arrogant IMMEDIATELY OR TURN IN THEIR RESIGNATIONS AT ONCE! They are just as responsible for this mess!"

Consider This: At some point, all of these folks and the vast majority that feel the same way will have to either move on and support Texas Tech, or not. But hopefully not before some accountability is spread around. The Texas Tech Regents are the ones that can hold the administration accountable. And by the way, the regents are appointed by the Governor. And that is a position which you and I will get to decide on very soon.

In the meantime, call the Governor's Director of Governmental Appointments. Tell her what you think of the TTU Regent's silence on this issue. Her name is Teresa Spears and her number is 512-463-1828.

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