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Radio airwaves buzzing with talk of Tech

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It's a week later and it's still the talk of the town.  The big question, what's in store for the future of Texas Tech football, and everyone has an opinion. "For the last week, I think we've had some of the highest emotion that's probably ever been experienced on this show in 16 football seasons of doing it," said sports radio host Ryan Hyatt.

Hyatt is a host of the "Williams and Hyatt Show" on sports radio 1340 The Fan.

He's says there are very strong opinions about the firing of Coach Mike Leach and what's next for Tech football. "You've got that group of people that are still very angry about the firing of Mike Leach and they are still going there's got to be more, then you've got the group like Baron Batch said, there's going to be a new coach, so now their all fired up about who's going to get the keys to the pirate's Porsche," said Hyatt.

Tuesday's topic on the air, who is going to be the next coach? "What Texas Tech cannot do right now is give anybody any impression that they've done anything to hurt Ruffin McNeill," said one listener. 

"There's a lot of support for Ruffin, because he's a guy they know and that's cool and there's still a lot of support for Ruffin because I don't think anybody was upset with what was going on the field with the Red Raiders, this wasn't a firing because of the X's and O's, the scheme of the philosophy, it was a personality conflict that ended in divorce," said Hyatt.

"Let's say they decide ok, Tommy Tuberville can take us where we want to be," said another listener. 

"You've got Tuberville in town today, who knows he may knock the socks of Guy Bailey and Gerald Myers and he may emerge. Still waiting to see whether Art Briles is a going to be a serious candidate or not so I think we have a few more chapters to read through on this story," said Hyatt. 

And while the popularity of this story may not be dying down too soon. Hyatt says he could see an end in sight. "I think by the time Saturday rolls around, we're going to have a new Tech football coach in place," said Hyatt.

Hyatt says the majority of his listeners are in favor of Ruffin McNeill being named the new head coach.

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