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Is there a definitive way, with medical tests, to determine if someone truly has a concussion, or is the only method a recitation of symptoms with a little acting?  Former teammates have said James was a slacker, and the coaches also believed he could be faking injury.  I believe Leach was "set up" for firing by James, Gerald Myers, and others.  Many would react with anger in much the same way Leach did when he was confronted with accusations made by Myers and Hance and told he must sign a new piece of paper which would, in effect, be nothing but a "signed confession" to wrong-doing which then could be utilized by James in a lawsuit.  The personality clash between Myers and Leach is well documented and started long before the contract negotiations.  Remember when Myers refused to let Leach have any postage stamps during the summer because he had over-spent his budget??  Later,  Hance's folksy, drawling initial interview with ESPN  made Tech sound much like a country bumpkin college.  If TT does not need Leach, it certainly doesn't need to be represented by Myers and Hance either.   If the current Board of Regents condones the actions of Myers and Hance, it should be obvious they too have no concern for the integrity of Tech. 
By the way, isn't it amazing how quickly Myers produced a short list of coaches he wanted to interview?  He either made the list a long time ago or he produced the list with no thought at all.



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I emailed earlier, but since have gone and watched the two other Consider This segments from when Leach was suspended and fired. (We were out of town for the holidays and missed all of this when it first aired!)
If I had a camera and a microphone (and articulation), I would have said exactly what you said. 
The only thing I hope you're wrong about is Craig and Adam James coming out the winners in all of this. 
If I were SMU, or a coach at any other school, I wouldn't touch Adam with a 10-foot-pole!  I hope that all of the pot-stirring they've done has completely turned them (and I say "them" because apparently they're a packaged deal) off to any other program--especially SMU.  If I were June Jones I certainly wouldn't want the son of the kid who was responsible for the death penalty to their program years ago.  Is it in their MO to see how many football programs they can personally have a hand in bringing down?

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Thanks for yesterday's "Consider This" segment.
Many of us know and understand that Leach is gone and not coming back to Tech.  However, as much as the Administration would love to sweep this under the rug, hope it blows over, and we all move on--there is a group of 55,000 strong (see "Team Leach" on Facebook) that feels otherwise.
Hance, Myers, Bailey AND the BOR are all responsible for this monumental mistake.  Despite the fact that they fired our coach--with the winningest record, multiple bowl appearances/wins, highest public university graduation rate, etc--they have also taken the first step to set our university and town back years. 
To Myers, Hance, Bailey and BOR I say--good luck raising money, filling seats at football games, recruiting and graduating football players, and staying out of trouble with the NCAA as well as Coach Leach.  

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The only way I can see that "moving on" would be possible is if the immediate future does not include "Coach" Myers as part of the program.

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Thank you once again, Dan ...  I will call this person today ! ...  Maybe, if enough of us call her, it will do a little good ...  I get so discouraged daily, with NO ONE in our government listening to us that it almost shocks me when I see something wonderful from you that supports my feelings and gives me some hope and actually gives me something I can DO to try to fix a problem, and especially this one, as my emotions are still so raw I think they are bleeding ....

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I watched your "Consider This" segment on the news this morning.

In my opinion you just escalated the situation even more.

Let me review a little of why I feel qualified to speak to this:

  • I lettered in football at Tech in the late 1960's (as a manager) \
  • My daughter was a football trainer and has 3 letters with 2 earned  Leach's first 2 years
  • My oldest son was a Saddle Tramp and was "Keeper of the Guns" for 3 years
  • My family of 5 has 8 degrees from Tech (Would have been 9 but one son got his law degree from U of Houston while he was with UTMB. General Huffman really wanted him here)
  • My wife was awarded the Outstanding Graduate student a few years back
  • One of my sons was a Presidential Scholar
  • We have had football season tickets for 35 years
  • I have a son who lives in Washington DC and he and his wife came to 4 Tech football games this year
  • I could go on and on

Hopefully you get the idea that my entire family love Tech. Pure and Simple!

But this is probably the most important.

Kent Hance was my Business Law instructor back in 1967 and I have known him since then.

When he went to Congress I was doing a lot of work in DC and he and I communicated
frequently about issues affecting West Texas. I was with the West Texas Chamber of Commerce.

He is a "First Class" Chancellor ...and person. And I truly believe there are a lot of details
we are not being made 'privy' to and may never be. But you and others choose to "cast
stones". That does no good in my opinion.

I have also had interactions with Gerald Myers occasionally.

I do not know President Baily.

But here is the deal:

  • Do I like Mike Leach football? Yes of course. But at what price
  • From the first year he was here in Lubbock he tried to leave. No loyalty to Tech. Or Lubbock. 
  • As any good football coach he is full of "arrogance" --- Too much so in his case I believe.
    I know a few of the regents and have considered contacting them. That would be wrong on my part.

They do a good job and certainly do not deserve to be undermined by me or you or anyone else as you suggest.

Do I want to know all the details? Of course. But I am still on the side of the administration since I know at least two of them to be upfront and first class citizens who love Texas Tech. They do not deserve to be undermined the way you and others are doing.

Leach does not (love Tech). That is apparent.

I understand you (Dan) are a Tech grad. Why not pull together and put this unfortunate situation behind us instead of keeping it in the mainstream.

Baron Batch had as good a comment as I have heard "Leach is not coming back"
Let's get things going forward. It is the only way to start healing.

Thanks for the opportunity to air my opinions.

Go Tech! Let's heal...not divide.

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As a Red Raider fan, former student, and West Texas native I am appalled and embarrassed by the actions of the Texas Tech administration regarding the recent firing of Coach Mike Leach.  Your swift and thoughtless actions have done nothing other than to cause irreparable harm to your students, faculty, and alumni.

Let me first be very clear, without knowing ALL the facts regarding the Adam James incident, I cannot and would not make a determination as to Coach Leach's guilt or innocence.  My only hope would be that a University as prestigious as ours would allow anyone to refute allegations made against them in front of an impartial jury.  This is the basis of our society and the absolute minimum that should be granted to any human.  It is clear to me, by the actions of a select few, that Coach Leach was not given this fundamental right.  Not only have you failed Coach Leach in this respect, you have failed the entire Raider Nation, the State of Texas, and the parents with whom their children have been in trusted to you.

Texas Tech University will no doubt get over this event and reposition themselves as the premier University that we have all grown to love.  My greatest hope would be for this to happen sooner rather than later.  In that regard, I am respectfully requesting the timely resignation of University Chancellor Kent Hance and Athletic Director Gerald Myers.  The costs associated with their ethical lapse will cost this University more than just a football coach.  These gentlemen lack the professionalism and ethical standards that their positions require.

It is with my sincerest optimism for Tech's future that my family and I will discontinue monetary contributions in any form and refrain from attending University events until Mr. Hance and Mr. Myers are removed.

The sadness of this Red Raider and an entire world cannot be conveyed in this letter.

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I agree with what was said about accountability at TTU. As far as moving on?? I feel TTU will find that there where more people than they thought that supported the school not because they are alumni or even because they live in Lubbock, but because they liked the refreshingly honest work ethic and personality that Coach Leach brought back to the game of college football. Once, hopefully, accountability is achieved there will be those of us who do move on, to another school with our support. TEAM LEACH

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After many, many years of watching KCDB, I have decided that your latest "Consider This" is the final straw. Today will be my last day to view  your channel. I am also removing your app off of my cell phone.
News agency are suppose to report the news in an unbiased manner, but your station has consistently tried refused to state all of the facts in the Leach case.
Did you not watch Mr. Hance on ESPN the night of the game? Texas Tech had just reason in the firing of this coach. If you, as a head supervisor, were to place one of your employees in a closet because he called in sick, the owner of KCBD would not take a second look at firing you.
If a public school coach were to do the same thing, there would be a public outcry so large your station would be demanding this coaches termination also. In fact, I believe that if you check the history of your news articles, this has happened in the past. The teacher involved was suspended from their position.
It seems very odd that several of the senior players are not supporting Leach. They have made it public that the agree with Hance's decision. Even though, I have yet to see even one statement made by your station in support of the opposition to Leach.
So GOOD-BYE KCBD. I will always value the you for the best reporting on the South Plains, but this type of biased reporting is uncalled for. I pray more viewers stand up and say enough is enough.
Maybe we should demand the firing of Dan Jackson.



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please keep up ur investigative work on this, either way the fans need to know the truth whether
we agree with what you find or not. thank you for what you do best

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I just want to say as a Texas Tech Alumni, I appreciate your comments on Consider This.  I would like to see Kent Hance, Guy Bailey and especially Gerald Myers fired.  I have never been this embarrassed to be a Texas Tech Alumni and I do not appreciate the way that they handle this situation.  Of course money is not the real problem, instead it's about POWER.  They want to make sure everyone understands that they have the POWER.  I can't believe that Kent Hance said you know if you sue your boss your going to lose your job.  He had already planned to fire Coach Leach before Mike  Leach sued to get to Coach the Bowl Game. 
But, thank you again for speaking  up!
Go Team Leach! 

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I am a Razorback fan who is standing with the Red Raider fans on the Leach fiasco.
Mike Leach will make the good ole boys regret the day they ever messed with him. 
Walk the Plank Gerald, Bailey and Hance!
Team Leach  (55,000 facebook members)

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The recent  events surrounding Mike Leach's firing as the Tech Football coach are disturbing, but not for the most obvious or most recited of reasons. 
Consider this.  Administrators and the James family now have to consider personal safety and security as a part of their everyday life (and from the team's fan's no less).  Consider this. A young man, subjected to abnormal treatment (as believed by professionals and team mates alike) is now considered "less than a man".  He is booed (again by the team's fan's) and is derided to "man up and take it" through signs, editorials, and t-shirt sales (what's next, t-shirts saying "real women aren't afraid to (Name the Act perpetrated against them)")  Consider this.  Because a football coach won some games, all other decisions and actions attributed to him are all "good" while other individual's decisions are all "bad".
Has everyone lost their minds?  Granted, Mr. Leach won games at Tech.  However, I think everyone will agree he didn't come up with a cure for cancer, win a Nobel Peace Prize, author some great literary work or provide the world with some historic archeological find.  And yet, people's reactions to his dismissal are akin to him having achieved all the above and those great achievements are now lost forever.  As seen on Saturday night, the Tech team defeated Michigan State with a new coach.  So life (and football) does go on after Mr. Leach
Mr. Leach was employed to "coach" young men as part of the University experience, just like a professor is asked to teach and administrators are asked to administrate.  No one person is more important or above others (as Mr. Leach often pointed out about the Red Raiders.)  Also, fans love to identify with their team and coaches.   However, when that identification goes too far and threatens people, their reputations or exceeds common human decency, then things (and people) have gone too far.
I hope everyone calms down and comes to their senses shortly.  To see and hear normal people talk at this level of hyperbole is neither normal nor constructive for anyone or anything.  And that includes "Consider This."

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I agree with you!  Get rid of these guys-esp Myers & Hance asap!
See email below to board of regents, Hance, Myers-etc.  They are an EMBARRASEMENT to our University.
Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated!

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I feel that Adam James is a spoiled rich kid whose father tries to fix everything for him.  Also, I don't think Craig James can be too happy having his dirty laundry surface again regarding his play at SMU and the problems they had.  I think this situation was used by Tech's administration to do what they tried to do last year.  They don't like Mike Leach and have wanted to find a way to get rid of him.  Well they did.  In the process, they have disappointed a lot of loyal Tech fans, probably ruined any chance Adam James has of ever playing football again, may have ruined Craig James' job at ESPN, and certainly has tarnished the reputation of the best coach Tech has ever had.
I am very concerned about how two versions of what happened regarding putting Jemes in the so-called "shed".  It seems very strange that the trainers gave their version of what happened immediately after the fact--then after Leach's firing, changed their stories.  Something really smells here, too.  Personally, I think they changed their stories in order to keep their jobs.
James and ESPN have had a field day trying to destroy Mike Leach.  I certainly hope Leach's lawyers get the telephone records so we can finally find out just how many times Craig James called Leach and the assistant coaches.  I would also like to know how many practices Craig attended.  I think this will show that Leach was far more patient than most head coaches would have been under the circumstances.  And, I'm sure Mike Leach regrets giving this young man a chance to play football. 
Mr. Hance's and Mr. Meyers' concern for a player certainly does not pass the smell test when they supported Bobby Knight and all his antics, including the salad throwing incident at Market Street and the way he chased Dr. Smith with his car!  We all have heard how Bobby Knight talked to the players and his language and his temper tantrums during games.  Now, all of a sudden, it is just terrible the way Mike Leach spoke.  I do not approve of this type of language, but there is definitely a double standard applied here.  How does Pat Knight talk to his players? 
I won't get over this any time soon.  I do feel sorry for the players, but I cannot condone this.  I am finished with Tech football until Tech cleans house and Coach Leach gets another good job.  I would certainly like to know who Jim Sowell is.  I understand he lives in Dallas and is a Tech Regent.  Apparently, he also tell Kent Hance what to do and how to do it!  Who named him GOD?
I think Coach Leach liked coaching at Tech and liked Lubbock.  He would never have stayed 10 years otherwise.  It's too bad Tech didn't appreciate him.
I am also seriously considering canceling my subscription to the Avalanche-Journal.  When all the problems occurred last year during the contract signing, I called and spoke to the the Sports Editor, Terry (I have forgotten his last name),.  He made it very clear that he did not care for Coach Leach.  His comment to me was, "If he is such a good coach, why is he still here"? 
And, Tech's administration  and some people in Lubbock wonder why Coach Leach was always on the lookout for something better--he knew his days were numbered here!  He is not a good ole Texas boy and was never accepted by the little clique that seems to run the university.  Until his last contract, he was the lowest paid coach in the Big 12--why wouldn't he be upset about that.  Mike Leach deserved better from Tech.
I may be wrong, but I can't believe a coach as good as Mike Leach will come to Tech and do the bidding of this administration.  It is so obvious that, if Coach had apologized to the James family, he would have lost all credibility with the other players.  And, it seems obvious to me that Adam James was a bad influence on many of the players since they seem to look up to him.  He is not a leader and certainly did not set a good example of a dedicated football player.
If Coach Leach does not get a great job in college coaching, it will be a sad day.  It seems to me that the players who played under him were extremely lucky.
I do plan to call the Governor's office and voice my anger at the Regents HE appointed in they way they handled this situation.

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Although not a Tech Alumni,I am thoroughly appalled at the manner in which Coach Leach was fired.Just goes to prove that if you try to stand up to the "good 'ol boy" network ,they will have you thrown out of their club. I am also disgusted by all the emails that emerged,that show Hance and Myers being played like puppets by the' good'ol boy' from Dallas,and conspiring to find the cheapest way to get rid of Coach Leach.With all these other coaches now in the running to replace the most productive  Football Coach that Tech has ever had, I wonder just how much money they think they're going to save and heaven forbid the new coach would actually have a backbone.I think the "good 'ol boy" club needs to have their closet inspected.
 Oh, and by the way 'good 'ol boys".... thanks for once again putting Lubbock in the national spotlight ,looking like a bunch of tunnel visioned,hick sounding,horses rear-ends.

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Texas Tech is a public institution
It must rely on the support of the community through taxes, tuition and ticket sales.
As a Texas Tech graduate and native Lubbockite I feel I must express my discontent
by reassessing any further association with this institution as long as the present
administration is in place.
Thank you for providing this forum.

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Thank you for the information provided for the Governor's Director of Governmental Appointments.

Please continue to up date any sources that will help Texas Tech supports make a positive change in the administration.

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Why did Adam James have a cell/camera phone at practice? If Adam James was being tortured and had a cell/camera phone, why didn't he call the police?  Or did the Pirate get Swift-Boated by Craig "Pony" James, fellow SMU alum Rebecca Shaw, Jim Sowell, Kent Hance, et al.?  What does all this have to do with Craig James' political aspirations?  I guess we'll find out when everyone is under oath!

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Fabulous piece Mr. Jackson.  I don't believe complacency will set in like it usually does.  Team Leach on facebook is still growing.

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Also, please make a point that just because Tech fans are in a uproar and thinking of pulling their monies and such, that the administration cronies are trying to paint these types as not real Tech supporters.  When in reality these are the heart and soul of Texas Tech and the ones that have the passion for Texas Tech, athletics or academics.
The administration is the ones to blame on this, NOT TECH FANS!  They are the reason and they MUST go!
Thanks and again, keep the pressure on!

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In order to prevent what I perceive will be a disaster when the Spring semester starts next week, Hance, Myers, Bailey, and the Board of Regents MUST divulge all information re: the firing of Coach Leach.  Having police protection is just the next step towards a disaster where either somebody is going to get killed or somebody's civil rights are going to be violated while protesting the administration's and Board of Regents' actions.

Should the Tech administration or Board of Regents refuse to back off their arrogance and tell the entire story as to what happened with Coach Leach, they should resign effective IMMEDIATELY!

While I support the idea of Ruffin McNeill to be the next head football coach at Texas Tech, I challenge every LOYAL Red Raider and every admirer of JUSTICE to wear their Red Raider hats and T-shirts as a sign of open disagreement against Hance, Myers, Bailey, and the Board of Regents until either they reveal the entire story of what happened or THEY ALL RESIGN!

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How is it Bob Knight was not fired when he hit a player on TV? Myers wants Leach gone because the football team has done better than the basketball team. How do you explain Pat Knight becoming the coach after bob retired. Basketball gets whatever it wants, the football team will not do better putting Tech on the map? Myers has to go and anyone that supports his way of conducting Tech business.

Consider This...Take it all the way to the top NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson shares his thoughts on the feedback on the Leach controversy.
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