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New committee pushes for college football playoff system

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Some Texans will see a new push for a college football playoff system this week. Organizers targeted ads in the Dallas area to air before the BCS Championship Game Thursday night. 

A new political action committee called Playoff PAC is behind this push. They targeted the Dallas area with the ad because despite their undefeated record, TCU didn't get to play for the title.

For the same reason, the ad will also run in Boise, Idaho. Both teams played Monday in the Fiesta Bowl, but Playoff PAC organizers say the current system just isn't fair.

Their message includes comments from Bill Hancock, the Executive Director of the BCS, saying not everyone can play in a championship game. The Playoff PAC supports congressional candidates who support a playoff system. Organizers say it will even the playing field, because a championship helps schools earn national publicity, strengthen alumni networks, and boosts admissions applications.

In a statement to the Associated Press, Hancock says a playoff system 'would mean a great loss to the game' and would create a burden 'with extra weeks of travel to faraway places'.

Here locally, many football fans called for a change in 2008. That's when BCS Rankings were used to decide on a three-way tie between Texas Tech, UT, and OU. It pushed Tech out of the chance for a Big XII Conference Title.

A Texas congressman helped push a bill through a U.S. House sub-committee last month that would actually force college football to switch to a playoff system. If passed, the bill would ban the promotion of a national championship unless it came from a playoff, but that bill has a long way to go.

The current BCS format runs through 2014, so schools and conferences could look at new suggestions after that.

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