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Food for Thought Report 3.13

NewsChannel 11’s Food for Thought starts off at the head of the class this week, with two educational facilities making the grade. Guadalupe early learning center at 101 Avenue K gets zero critical violations making them a Food for Thought top performer and Vanda Early Learning Center at 1301 Vanda Avenue also earns a perfect score.

Leading the list of Low Performers is Denny's at 4718 Slide Road.  That's where four critical violations were found. Violations including:

  • Ham and turkey being held at 48 degrees. Cold foods must be kept at a temperature of between 41 and 45 degrees or colder. 
  • Rotting onions were found in dry storage. 
  • A hand washing sink in the dish washing area was blocked. 
  • Sanitizer was stored above salt and pepper. 

Other violations included a rusted back flow prevented attached to the dish washer.  The Manager at Denny's told NewsChannel 11 everything was corrected on site. 

Next stop is Lone Star Oyster Bar at 5116 Slide Road, they get six critical violations.

  • A refrigerator not holding cold products at between 41 and 45 degrees or colder.
  • Moldy peppers were stored with good peppers. 
  • Raw oyster juice was dripping onto boiled shrimp and condensation was dripping into a chicken container. 
  • There was no date marking on some crawfish. 
  • Thermometers in the refrigerator were not accurate. 
  • The microwave was soiled. 

Other violations included a hand sink not securely mounted, no test kit for chlorine sanitizer, a soiled beverage gun holster, pre poured tea that was not protected, mugs draining on soiled mats, cleaners stored in heavily soiled spray bottles and corn stored in a used oyster container. 

The Management at Lone Star told NewsChannel 11 all violations were corrected on site, and that they appreciate the health department acting as a second set of eyes in their restaurant.

Finishing up the list of Low Performers is Don Pablo's at 4625 50th Street with seven critical violations. 

  • Cooks and a dish washer not washing their hands after they were contaminated. 
  • An open beverage was found in the food prep area. 
  • Date marking was not clear, food items must have a disposal date. 
  • Some hand sinks were blocked and not working. 
  • Paper towels and hand soap were missing at some hand sinks. 
  • Sanitizer was not labeled. 
  • Sanitizer was not dispensed below 50 ppm's. 

Other violations included no door on the restroom in the kitchen, sugar in a bulk container that was not labeled, an unshielded light in the dry storage area and ill fitting ceiling tiles with water damage. 

The Manager at Don Pablo's told us all violations have been corrected.

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