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Social networking group Team Leach announces pro-Leach rally

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - In just two weeks, the Team Leach Facebook page has reached over 57,000 members, and thousands are joining by the day. The group was created in response to the recent firing of head coach Mike Leach from Texas Tech.

The group issued a news release explaining why they formed the group and what their plan of action is so far.

"The group consists of an interconnected network of supporters of Mike Leach spanning across the entire world and includes members and alumni from other universities in addition to Texas Tech Alumni, Students, and former players," said group member Chris Wash.

Team Leach will host a Reach for Leach rally at Memorial Circle on the Tech Campus on Thursday, January 14th at 1:00 p.m. But the rally will also ask for a multi-level investigation into Leach's firing.

"Team Leach began as a place for people to express their support for Coach Leach. It has now evolved into a very strong group of citizens concerned with the honesty and ethical actions of the Texas Tech administration. When a group of 57,000 plus voters rally together this strongly and quickly, politicians better listen," said Team Leach member Alan Eades.

Group leadership has concerns over emails written between former member of Tech Board of Regents member Jim Sowell, Tech Chancellor Kent Hance and Athletic Director Gerald Myers that appear to plan Leach's firing even before he signed his new contract last year; divergent affidavits submitted by Tech medical officials to Leach attorneys and to the school; and ESPN's actions in covering the event.

Team Leach is accepting donations. In its first day of raising money, members donated over $5,000.

"We are raising money to get our message out," said Team Leach member Mark Uptergrove. "We have three Billboards that will go live in Lubbock on Friday. The donations and support are tremendous. people really are getting involved to get to the bottom of what happened."

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