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Some local Marines come home, while others prepare to deploy

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Hugs, kisses, and tears of joy were all emotions for several West Texas families that welcomed home a group of local Marines Friday night.  It was a very emotional time for all military families as a missing piece of their family puzzle finally comes back together. In all, 40 Marines were reunited with their families after being deployed for almost a year.

"A lot of emotions come out. Just a lot of emotions. You keep things inside you and as soon as your loved one comes back it all just comes out," said Sgt. Aaron McDonald.

For a Marine and their family, everything tends to be an emotional roller coaster ride. As some Marines return home to their families, others prepare to be deployed. "It's kind of bitter-sweet; We get some in like last night barely in, and then the very next day we are doing our process to send Marines back out," said McDonald.

For some of those preparing for thier next deployment, it isn't their first time. Steven Padilla returned from Afghanistan just a year ago and is already in line to go back. As a student he will have to put his education on hold, while his wife and kid must continue their day to day lives when he is away. "I just think it's sad that I'm leaving my family, but at the same time I have a job to do and a responsibility to do for my country," he said. 

"Dads are coming home to see  their kids that were babies when they left, and now their walking, and talking. You have brothers going in pairs so you have a mom that has both of her sons deployed, it's a lot of sacrifice for any family. So it makes you proud," said McDonald.

For now, each family will spend quality time with their Marine while they can, because there's always the chance they can be deployed again soon.

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