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Fans have mixed reaction to Tuberville taking over

By Ben Lawson  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - With fans as passionate about their team as Red Raiders are, you bet they had a lot to say about Tuberville taking over.  NewsChannel 11 caught up with Tech fans Saturday shortly after word broke.

The folks we spoke with had different opinions on good and bad possibilities with Tuberville taking over.  "At least we have an idea of where we're going next," Ryan Burt said. 

With so many names thrown around, many fans were just anxious for a decision. "I think it's a great decision to bring in someone from the outside," Kirstin Tipps said. 

"It's going to be interesting to see what he (Tuberville) brings to the table," Chad Tipps said. 

"I am really disappointed; I really am," Donna Burt said. 

Some say recruitment could suffer with Tuberville taking over. "Tech has some great recruits coming in, especially at wide receiver, so I hear, and it's going to hurt them. Those recruits are going to go to Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and it's going to hurt Tech, I think," James Sisson said. 

Others say Tuberville could bring in new talent. "SEC pulls great recruits, hopefully he'll (Tuberville) be able to pull some great recruits for our team in the coming years. It's sad to see a good coach go, but hopefully this will be a good change for us," Kirstin Tipps said. 

"Obviously Leach left behind a big program for him to take over, but Tuberville has done a lot of good things for Auburn," Chad Tipps said. 

Some fans say Interim Head Coach Ruffin McNeil should have taken the reigns of Red Raider Football. "I think that McNeil pulled his weight; he's been supportive, he's been here, the team supports him, the community supports him," Donna Tipps said. 

"The guys really like Ruffin, and that's what matters, morale matters a lot.  Losing him, you're going to be taking a little piece of the boys with him," Chad Tipps said. 

"I think he (McNeil) would have been a great choice as well, but we need to put our faith in the administration then they have the best interests in mind for academics, athletics, and the school as a whole," Kirstin Tipps said. 

"I'm just starting this semester, so it will be my first year watching as a student; it will be a definite change for what I've been watching on TV, but I'm looking forward to it," Ryan Burt said. 

No matter their opinion, though, the fans we spoke with say they still support the team.

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