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Firestorm of Controversy Surround Dixie Chicks After Anti-War Comments

A call to boycott the Dixie Chicks they've dominated the charts for years, but now radio stations across the country and right here in Lubbock have banned their music. The reason, comments made by Lubbock native Natalie Maines at a London concert earlier this week.

She said quote: "Just so you know, we're ashamed the President of the United States is from Texas."

It's a comment that's sparked a firestorm of controversy. Since Maines made her comments, KLLL and radio stations like it across the country have been flooded with calls from angry listeners. Many of them saying Natalie Maines doesn't speak for Texas and certainly not for Lubbock.

Calls started coming in to KLLL bright and early Friday morning.

"I'm so sick of these celebrities they get a microphone shoved in their face and they get a privilege we don't, and right or wrong whether she agrees with the President or not that office deserves respect and apparently she's forgotten that and she's forgotten 9-11," said one caller said.

"It just saddens me and embarrass me that a Texas girl would talk that way about the Commander and Chief of our armed forces, and support an enemy of our nation who has killed his own people," another caller said.

KLLL Radio Personality Rick Gilbert, said the majority of the calls during the morning shift were from angry, embarrassed listeners. "A lot of calls were just really upset with what Natalie had said and a lot of them were saying I don't want to buy Dixie Chicks songs anymore, don't play their songs anymore, there were some people that were for what she said, some said she had the right to say that but I think a lot of the calls were saying why bash the President on foreign soil."

"It's disappointing at best that Natalie expresses her opinion outside of the country in a negative way. I think that's the concern of a lot of people. I think particularly to try to make a statement for others in Texas who don't express the same view," another caller says

And it wasn't just the talk of the radio, it was the talk across town.

"I will never listen to them again. I never really particularly cared for them to begin with but especially now because I'm a big George Bush fan and I think it's inappropriate for her to come out and say something like that."

By noon, the KLLL program director decided to boycott Dixie Chicks music for the weekend, a decision that's happening across the nation.

A Kansas City, Missouri station is protesting the Dixie Chicks indefinitely and encouraging their listeners to throw away their cd's.

In response to the criticism the chicks have released a statement on their website.

It reads, "While we support our troops, there is nothing more frightening than the notion of going to war with Iraq and the prospect of all the innocent lives that will be lost."

Also on the website is this quote attributed to Maines, "The President is ignoring the opinion of many in the United States and alienating the rest of the world."

At this time all of Lubbock's major radio stations have boycotted the Chicks music throughout the weekend.

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