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Potholes dot Lubbock streets after winter blast

By Katie Bauer  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - This was the scene in Lubbock a little more than two weeks ago, but now that the snow has come and gone, what's left is potholes.

"We've taken a lot of calls and seen a lot of deterioration in our streets, because of not only the cold, but from the moisture that's been coming in from the past storms," said Lubbock Street Utility Superintendent Kevin Lair.

"It goes through that freeze/thaw cycle and then the traffic load is on top of it, that traffic once that base becomes wet or saturated that payment will start cracking because of that weight load going down," said Lair.

Normally the city of Lubbock has two pothole trucks that patrol the roadways, but this year, with a harder winter, they have come up with a new idea.

"We went and purchased bags of materials that we use for patching, we actually have it in our crew trucks, so when they are out there working so if they see one they can just fix it without us having to call," said Lair. 

For Lubbock County there are potholes but more often it's the need to reshape dirt & caliche roads.  "We are going to rebuild the roads and prepare them for the next enslave of rain or snow," said Lubbock County Commissioner Bill McCay.

McCay urges county drivers to be aware. "Just please drive safe, slow down especially on county roads they are not as wide and well lit and marked as city streets and state highways, so just air on the side of caution and drive slow."

If you know of a pothole that you would like see fixed, the city urges you to call 311.

You can report concerns online as well, just click here: clickhere

If you need to report county road concerns, call (806)775-1335.

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