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Soldiers on the Homefront

The name tags are filled out quickly. The soda is put on ice. A prayer brings the group to order. This is the bi-weekly meeting of Military Family Connection. A support group for families with loved ones on the verge of war.

"I've heard from him twice since he's been gone and it's only been for five minutes," said Angy Whorton. Her husband, Stacy, is a marine stationed in Kuwait since the end of January, chomping at the bit to do his job. "And they're really anxious right now and kind of mad right now because they're having to twiddle their thumbs and just wait," she said.

Meanwhile, back in the states, Angy shares the pain of separation with Rachel Graham. My biggest thing is frustration and the loneliness, 'cause were used to having our husbands here, and that's the most difficult part," she said.

"It's very hard. It's hard to pack your husband up and take him to war. I dropped him off at the lot at midnight and you don't get to see him again, and that's hard," said Angy.

And so, in the meantime, these soldiers on the home front battle the isolation, and the worry, and the fear, with the friendship of each other.

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