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Leach claims TTU Chancellor railroaded him & TTU Responds

By James Clark | email
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Mike Leach claims in court records that he was "railroaded" by a faulty and biased investigation in the days before he was fired as Texas Tech football coach. Amended court documents were filed Tuesday morning in an ongoing legal action between the two sides. 

Leach was fired December 30th amid allegations that he mistreated player Adam James; which Leach denies. Leach's updated pleadings claim that Chancellor Kent Hance worked in concert with members of the board of Regents to fire Leach.

The pleadings go so far as to say President Guy Bailey warned that Hance was going to quote/unquote "railroad Leach". One possible motive described by the latest court records is "Hance and Craig James were in business together." Craig James is both a nationally known broadcaster and the father of player Adam James. The court records also paint the younger James in a very negative light, describing him as ill tempered to the point that he destroyed a door in the athletic offices. 

But the allegations don't stop there. The latest Leach filing says Leach was suspended December 28th for refusing to sign a document that would make him look guilty.  Further the latest pleading says Leach was warned in advance that if he sought court action on the morning of Wednesday, December 30th, he would be fired.  The pleading says Leach chose to go forward and was given a termination notice right before a scheduled court hearing. 

The pleading says Texas Tech acted in bad faith because Tech officials could do anything under the cloak of sovereign immunity. Sovereign immunity is a legal concept that forbids you from suing the state without the state's permission, and Texas Tech is a political subdivision of the state of Texas. 

NewsChannel 11 has left a message for the Chancellor.  We did talk to the Chancellor last week and asked him if he had a business relationship with Craig James.  He said no.

Update: 2:45 PM, 1/12/10 

Response to Mike Leach's Latest Petition

The termination of Coach Leach was the result of his treatment of a player with a brain concussion and insubordination. We have reviewed the third amendment petition filed by Coach Leach's legal counsel and it contains numerous falsehoods and gross inaccuracies. Our position will be set forth through the litigation process.

Update: 6:51 PM, 1/12/10 

TTU President Guy Bailey Response to Mike Leach's Latest Petition

In the latest petition filed by Mike Leach's legal counsel, statements attributed to me are patently false. It appears to me this latest filing is nothing more than a desperate attempt to deflect the focus from Mike Leach's irresponsible treatment of an injured student athlete and Leach's insubordination.

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