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Consider This...Was It Worth It?

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It is certainly time to move on after the firing of Mike Leach.  Like it or not, he's not coming back.  It's true, we need to support the team and the new coach.  But moving on does not mean throwing up your hands and giving up on accountability.  Alumni, boosters, fans and especially taxpayers are still demanding answers and justice.

Consider this: This whole situation still has a lot of folks in shock. It got way out of hand very fast and none of us really know the truth. Either the Administration was right and needs to explain much more fully, or the Administration was wrong and needs to be held accountable.  But moving on does not mean letting state or local officials do as they darned well please, with no questions asked.

We may never know the real reasons behind the firing of Coach Leach, other than what can't be proved. What I do know is because of the way it was handled, it will cost Texas Tech a whole lot of money. At some point, the question will be asked, was it worth it? I hope that question will come from the Board of Regents even though we know some of them were involved.

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