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More documents, more allegations in Leach case

By Ann Wyatt Little  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – Texas Tech University filed documents Tuesday asking a Lubbock judge to throw out Mike Leach's lawsuit against the university, but his attorneys responded with new allegations hoping to keep the case in court.

Leach's lawyers filed a third amended petition this time claiming Texas Tech fired Mike Leach because he exercised his constitutional right to file a lawsuit against the university.

Introduced as the new lead counsel for Mike Leach, Houston contract trial attorney Paul Dobrowski vehemently maintains mike leach did nothing wrong. "You can be the greatest coach but when someone makes these allegations especially a chancellor at the university level potential employers will be reluctant to talk to him"

Dobrowski says Leach's constitutional rights were violated under the Texas Whistleblower Act. New court documents filed Tuesday say Leach cooperated with Texas Tech attorney Charlotte Bingham who conducted the investigation into Adam James' allegations of mistreatment. Leach's lawyers say the incident was no big deal according to Bingham and only legal protection in case the James family sued. 

The petition say Leach had disciplinary problems with James. The documents site a September 2009 incident where James was demoted to third team and stormed out of a coach's office yelling obscenities and caused $1100 in damage to a door. The documents also site an alleged business relationship Craig James told Leach about in August of 2009. "All we can say is Coach Leach was advised by Mr. James himself that he had relationship with Mr. Hance," added Dobrowski when asked to elaborate on the alleged relationship.  

Dobrowski says his client has not been contacted about the possibility of a settlement. "Right now we are pursuing his claims. They have our phone numbers they know what did wrong and amount he is owed, and they can pick up the phone," adds Leach's newest attorney.  

Kent Hance says on the record he does not have a business relationship with Craig James.He released a statement Tuesday after Leach's attorneys filed the third petition. "Mike Leach's latest petition contains a number of false statements. I want to make something clear. I do not have and never have had a business relationship with Craig James."

During the first hearing next Wednesday, Judge Sowder will either grant or deny motion for expedited discovery.

Earlier in the day, Dicky Grigg, Legal Counsel for Texas Tech University issued the following response to Mike Leach's latest petition:

The termination of Coach Leach was the result of his treatment of a player with a brain concussion and insubordination. We have reviewed the third amendment petition filed by Coach Leach's legal counsel and it contains numerous falsehoods and gross inaccuracies. Our position will be set forth through the litigation process.

And TTU President Guy Bailey also responded with the following statement:

In the latest petition filed by Mike Leach's legal counsel, statements attributed to me are patently false. It appears to me this latest filing is nothing more than a desperate attempt to deflect the focus from Mike Leach's irresponsible treatment of an injured student athlete and Leach's insubordination.

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