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Mike Leach was completely mistreated by ttu admin. I am still in shock and very upset. I feel like the press in Lubbock is not investigating in an appropriate or timely manner. In particular the a-j appears to be the stooges for admin. What about the swift boating and wind farm allegations? I consider hance, myers, and bailey to be soul murderers. They have perpetrated a horrible injustice that I am afraid cannot be righted.

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It seems to me that if Tech didn't want Coach Leach to be the head coach for the Red Raiders they should've decided that before they negotiated his contract earlier in the year.  A lot of money and bad publicity for Tech would have been saved, if they would have just let the old contract end.  I guess Leach is not one to ride with the "Good guys".

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Thanks, once again, for putting the focus where it needs to be and helping the rest of us, who are shell shocked and cannot think well, to put our attention onto this question and the enormous ripples and waves that are still rocking us all, some more than others ...  I feel simply horrible for Ruff and the rest of the staff over there who are now in misery with their families because of all this ...  And, even if Leach wins his battle, none of these people will see a dime and will still be out in the cold ...  Worrying about them is about to put me to bed with stress and anxiety ... 
Here's a thought ...  How about all those people who are contributing to Team Leach putting their collective backs into an effort to come up with some interim money to help these people and their families ...  I am on disability, but would be very happy to contribute what I can, if someone would just start the ball rolling.  

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I do not know if the firing was a yearlong orchestration.  Maybe that's giving Hance & Co. too much credit.  However, I do feel that at a certain point in the days leading up to Leach's firing that Hance started seeing how he could manipulate Leach, knowing full well that Leach's primitive and predictable response would be to fight, fight, fight to the death.  Leach's response as the aggressor played right into Hance's hand.  Hance and the other two stooges realized that they had shot an angry bear and that they now had no choice but to finish it off – regardless of the fallout and consequences.  To not finish Leach off meant that he would pass go and collect $800k, then he would be a miserable presence, poisoning all of those around him until he was released.

You ask was it worth it?  Of course, my question back is – ONLY if it brings positive long term value to TTU.  From my DFW perspective, the whole Tech football machine was really in a boon time over the past ten years.  I had no idea their whole system of relationships was so dysfunctional until basic and simple communication protocols were broken (James was allowed to contact the regent directly, who went straight to the top).  That's a form of insubordination on the James family, and a very poor decision by the regent to not redirect, so it's ironic that that is what Leach allegedly got fired for. 

Hance is damaged goods now and has to go.  That is how they can win back my support for the university.

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Everyone keeps talking about how bad the administration handled this. Is mike leach not accountable for some of his actions? The administration has told us what happened, but it's not what everyone wants to hear, so they keep saying that they need answers. Everyone wants the administration to admit quilt. Is it possible that Mike Leach is a jerk and brought a lot of this on himself? I think we should wait until all of the facts come out before we rush to judgment.

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You just can't give it up.  Texas Tech has presented numerous facts to a very small story.  All of these "real reasons" you are looking for do not exist.  Why don't you insist on something more from Mike Leach than his "semantics" of what happened?  Or does all of this depend on what "is" is?
You took the wrong side on this one from the beginning.  Time will prove it.  Mike Leach took inappropriate actions that cannot be defended regardless of Adam James' attitude.  Consider this:  Rise above Leach's uncontrolled narcissism and admit that you made a mistake.

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I live in far east Texas. At church on Sunday the Pastor used the resent events at TTU for a sermon illustration. He pointed out that no one is above the law and those who stand by and watch the just be punished are just as guilty of the wrong doing, as those who handed down the injustice. This thing is bigger than TTU... Lubbock or Texas for that matter. It is about right and wrong. Keep the focus Team Leach. PS Everything is bigger in Texas even it's messes, this is embarrassing the state in front of the whole nation.

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Great commentary Dan, as far as EVERYBODY i know, you struck the "nail on the head" support the Team but find the facts as well! This all boils down to SOWDER in bed with Tech and Hance, now...we'll see!

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I think it is a travesty. There have been no clear answers as to what exactly happened between both parties and why. And it is my opinion that the actions and responses from the Texas Tech administration appear scandalous. Even if Mike Leach is completely in the wrong, if he grabbed Adam James by the ear and walked him into a "shed" and told him that he wasn't coming out till practice was over, it still will not justify how Hance and Meyers handled the situation. And why are we not getting any answers as to where Adam James truthfully got his concussion? Rumors are that it was at practice as well as a bar fight. I don't know much, but I think that if it was at a bar fight then Adam himself would be in violation of his scholarship contract. And why are we not getting answers to the possible "business relationship" that Craig James and Kent Hance have? There is also a lot of talk that Craig was always hounding the coach's on behalf of his son because he wanted to have more playing time. You earn playing time; it is not awarded to you by virtue of your father. Bottom line, if there is conclusive evidence that Mike Leach was in violation, then his termination should have been handled in a much more professional manner. It should not have come down to "oh shit he is really taking us to court" "well draw up his termination later and we will just give it to him right before we go in and tell him win, lose or draw you're out" Now of course this last sentence is merely my own interpretation of what might have been said and in no way reflects the actual dialogue of those involved with that decision. But come on, who doesn't think that it is shady? I am a member of Team Leach and it is not to have Mike reinstated. It is to find the answers as to what really happened and why did it happen and why does it appear so corrupt on the outside? A horse looks like a horse for one reason, because it is a horse inside and out. We want answers and an investigation.

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I agree.  i think this was a railroad job from the start. Ego's got in the way and as you said, we may never know the real story, but i guarantee you that Tech will lose lots of money, credibility and support for that insane actions that were taken.

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Dan, you are one of only a few that seems to be willing to stand up and demand to know the truth.Hance states that on Sat.19 he asked Leach to change treatment of James, which he agreed to do.Dec.20 Hance states that Leach fulfilled his promise by choosing a different location and method "I don't think anybody is contesting that" . That was not good enough for some people that wanted to punish Leach.Everything went bad after "the powers to be" decided they wanted their pound of flesh.Keep up the good work. Moving on by sweeping the dirt under the rug is not good for anybody concerned.Honest people should never be afraid of the truth. 

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It is absurd that Hance and Tech administration love to spew propaganda about how Leach's claims are full of falsehoods and inaccuracies all the while doing everything in their power to disallow Leach from being heard in a court of law. He was fired before his injunction could be heard and now this immunity claim!

What is the point of a university having a contract with an employee if when they choose to allegedly act in violation of that contract they can simply claim immunity? What exactly is the point of the contract??

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I would like to ask that the media also begin asking the tough question. Why would an administration ignore it fiduciary responsibilities to the true owners of Texas Tech University?

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I totally agree with your comments but feel even more strongly that the administration and the good ol boys club should be banished all of them. There is too much of that in life, in church, in the work place, in politics and it hurts so many. What people do to get ahead and to make a buck and a name for themselves is sad. I know it happens but it is dirty.

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It was not worth the Tech administration firing Mike Leach.

I have been a fan of Tech football for about 50 years and have a daughter who got her PHD there. I have in-laws,other family members and friends who graduated from there also. I am still furious that they fired Mike Leach. I posted this below on, I wrote it you can use it.
It is a sad situation that a 21 year old who acted like a two year old brought about. We have become an overly sensitive society and we pay for by ruining the reputations of many fine individuals such as Coach Leach. It is also sad that a state supported institution uses these ridiculous claims by a childish, immature, brat who thought he was a football player. I pray Mike Leach at least gets the money that is owed him by the contract, whatever is left of the 12 millions. I personally think the university should fire Myers, Hance and Bailey and then sue them for whatever they have to help pay Mike Leach the money that is owed him from the shysters in the Tech administration. Yes I am still furious at the administration having fired Mike Leach for no reason.
From reading the emails the Dallas Morning News printed from last year, it was obvious they wanted him out. I do belong to Team Leach it does not bother me one bit to bash Craig James and Adam James as their actions were ridiculous. Daddy, Daddy, they will not play me, do something Daddy, please daddy. Give me a break!! A spoiled child running to a helicopter daddy, and the Tech administration uses this as a reason to fire Mike Leach. I hope you get all you ask for Coach Leach, the Tech administration sure showed their true colors and they are not red and black, they are "green", because of envy. They did not like Coach Leach being a national figure, he overshadowed the egos in the Tech administration.

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My guess is, if the Sovereign Immunity claim get denied, someone on the board will step down because that will open the door to a world of discovery, including financial disclosure by the immediate family of board members, as defined in the Regent's Rules. I don't know about you, but the last thing I would want is 60,000 pissed off folks digging through mine and my immediate family's  finances with the ok of the government.

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Great piece & very well written! TT students & alums need to demand accountability.
Thank you!!

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If Hance and the rest feel that they did nothing wrong, why is their argument that Leach can't sue because of sovereign immunity? Why are they not addressing each of Leach's points instead of hiding behind the sovereign immunity shield? What else is Hance doing illegally and who else has been fired because Hance feels he has immunity no matter what?
Thank you Dan Jackson for investigating this. Lack of coverage both by the AJ and other television stations shows exactly who is truly interested in investigative reporting and who would rather protect themselves and only report the "party line." If there is nothing to hide then so be it, but to not even address the questions only makes everyone even more suspicious.

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Was it worth it?

As a father with a 12 yr old daughter, I'm always telling her that searching for truth is never wrong. The truth may not be something you want to hear and may not benefit you, but at least it's the truth.

There is still some truth to be found in the Mike Leach/TTU scenario and it's worth knowing.

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I think Kent Hance and company made a huge mistake, that will eventually cost them their jobs, as well as their reputations !!!!!!!! I also think there Is a trail leading all the way back to Austin and the State Capitol !!!! The first question that should be asked, Is.....Who benefits the most by having Mike Leach gone, then secondly how do they benefit !!!! I think Mike Leach Is gone, because he did his job too well ! He wasn't suppose to be able to compete with UT, let alone beat them !!!! But, knock them out of the National Championship Game last year, and I am sure some folks In Austin were pissed...and probably not more than a few politicians !!!!! All Leach's troubles started shortly after the Tech win over UT last year !!!!! How all this ties In, you have to look at the way Leach was fired !!!! It was dirty politics, money and power...all working against him. What's funny about all of this, Is how all the major players wanting Leach gone.... seem to have been connected ( some even buddies ), before Leach was fired !!!
Interesting things here....Craig James wanting to run for the Senate, hires the Swift Boat PR firm. Adam James gets an offer from Tech, when nobody else wanted him, but Craig James has connections and we get Adam !!!!! Hance & James, possible business partners.....maybe In a wind farm ???? People need favors In Austin and maybe somebody In Austin wants Leach out of the competition with their favorite school !!!! The Good Old Boys In action !!!! Is It really that Impossible to believe ???? I don't think so !!!! But Proof on the other hand, may be buried so deep that It will never surface !!! You asked, was It worth It......Not to any real Texas Tech Fan, and not to anybody In Lubbock that has enjoyed the growth of the city these past 10 years. Ask the Hotel Managers and Restaurant Managers what they think It will do to their business In the future....was It worth It to them ???? Was It worth It to the 60,500 plus Team Leach members of which I am one !!!!!! I think the only ones that would have given you a, YES It was worth It....have probably changed their minds In the past 14 days, and probably wish they had never opened that can of worms !!!! Another thing...why do you think they made a Mad Dash to replace Mike Leach so fast ???? Recruits .....I doubt It !!!! They wanted to get somebody In quick....hoping that the fans would shut up, and forget about Mike Leach, thus ending their problems ! Didn't happen, and It wont, until they come clean and the truth comes out !!!! TRUTH, beyond a shadow of a doubt ....not this He said she said BS !!!! Spouting off what they call the truth and doing a lot of smiling doesn't cut It anymore !!!! Professing their honesty and purity ...then having the e-mails come out that shows them to be anything but !!!!!!!!! I could go on and on about this, but It Isn't necessary, because the truth will come out on It's own ......Too Many People Asking Questions, and some folks are getting nervous, like a kid In the cookie jar !!!!!!!
Not Worth It To Me....

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I feel sorry for anyone working at Texas Tech.  Texas Tech administration is completely motivated by self interest.  Mike Leach did little or nothing wrong.  Tech's administration used the situation to address their own personal bias.  The situation was arrogantly mishandled.  I know little of Guy Bailey so I will not comment on him but a less than mediocre basketball coach and less than successful politician have shown themselves to be small minded, ego driven and eager to exercise their authority over people that function in the upper echelons of their profession..  I think the firings at Texas Tech need to continue until the attitude in Lubbock improves.

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We may never know the real reasons behind the firing of Coach Leach, other than what can't be proved. What I do know is because of the way it was handled, it will cost Texas Tech a whole lot of money.

It will definitely cost TTU lots of money.

I don't know if Leach was drunk, cussing, yelling or whatever – it really does not matter.
There are specific protocols for dealing with teachers and administrators – and I believe that includes coaches – and TTU is probably in violation of contract, so it will probably cost us most if not all the contract amount, plus legal fees, plus new coaches fees, plus we will probably loose Ruffin McNeil, plus the bad taste in so many people's mouth, plus the adverse publicity (Leach's comment about not wanting to pay the money may be worst in the long run – as far as recruiting, etc) …. How could it possibly be worth it? We know Myers always disliked Leach and when Coach Leach refused to act all forgiving and contrite – it really caused some friction. But I agree with previous comment that Myers is at least as much of the problem/conflict as Leach.

Please get Myers to announce his resignation ASAP!!!!!!

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You said it all!   All anyone really wants is the truth.  Unfortunately, with good ol' boy Texas politics involved, the truth is rarely known.  I know firsthand.

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I believe that we lost the battle when Coach Leach was fired, but I hope that we win the war when all the information comes out in court.  If TT administration decides to settle this out of court then I believe that the fans of Texas Tech Football need to demand an answer because as you stated this is ridiculous to allow the TT administration to get away with hiding behind closed doors to do deals that are not in the best interest of Texas Tech or the City of Lubbock.

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Let's see. Mike Leach? Screwed.  Assistant Coaches?  Screwed.  Tech football players?  Screwed.   Tech Football program?  Screwed.  Tech athletics?  Screwed.  Red Raider Nation?  Screwed.  The Three Stooges ( Hance, Myers, and Bailey)?  Made reservations in hell.  As for me?  I won't be back until Curly, Moe, and Larry are gone.

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I believe that the way things were handled by TTU is going to come back to bite them in the rear.  If TTU did have cause they would have shown that by now, they would not have let it get so far out of hand with fans.  Coach Leach took our program to a higher level and I hope that Mr. Tuberville can continue to take us to the top.  Let's support our team and the Coaches and staff and hold whoever needs to be accountable, accountable.  Above all we have a group of young men that need our support because most of them are innocent. 

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I still think that people should not just walk away from this.  True Mike Leach will not be back and we should support the team BUT that does not mean you should let the three stooges off.  Something has to  be  done NOW before texas tech looses another coach due to the incompetence of the administration.  People should not just forgive this.  There has been enough of just let it go,  NOW it is time to do.  The way and the lies that the three admin plus the trainer and the many more lies that have been told something has to be done.  My challenge is to the students of texas tech and alumni, boosters, and finally the regents is that they find the truth and if it invovles any of these that I have mentioned that they be terminated.  I have 2 kids that are fixing to go there but now they don't thanks to all of this,  they tell me they don't want to go to a place that they have no morals, integrity.  Disgraceful is how I put it.

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First let me state I am not from Texas and have not lived there.  I do however happen to be a fan of TT football caused solely by Coach Leach.  I may be a little jaundiced having been a volunteer coach on a team that he was an assistant.
I have been involved in athletics for 25 years and have followed this situation closely.  A couple things are glaring.
If Coach Leach was an abusive coach over 2 weeks removed no other allegations have surfaced?
I do not know the student involved and will not slight him or his father.  But, I will say that I watched Coach interact with multiple players over 2 years and never once did I observe abuse even in the most stressful times of competition.  Coach Leach is by his own standards a competitor as well documented at TT.
This man is also a strict as it relates to a students education and does not and will not waiver on this.
I have also observed him take young men and push them into adulthood with mentoring and discipline that is required to keep 18 year olds on track to be successful with their education, sport and further into life as an employee, father and husband.  He has a proven track record with his teams.
In closing unless something more serious is revealed this allegation although maybe inapropriate was not of the magnitude of a firing offense and is a smoke screen to a premeditated firing.

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I don't think the whole truth by Tech has come out.  It was badly mishandled by Regents and Administration.  If this had been a history professor, would this have happened?
The first person to be fired should have been C. James by ESPN for interferring in a universitie's football program by repeated calls to coaches, regents, etc.  The next person to be releived should be any and all regents that got involved.
But don't despair.........You now have a coach, who in his own words, is not here to win football games, improve graduation averages, but he is here to teach.  If that's the case apply for a teaching job.  Your record already speaks for itself.  But then again, who would accept a job with this administration?

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As an alum from the DFW thanks again for continuing your reporting on this situation. As an alumni I am eager to support Coach T and the staff that he elects to bring. The situation was handled poorly at best and it was all too convenient that the firing coincided with the bonus money in Contract.

Tech Alum do have very good long term memory.  I for one will NOT forget the poor and hasty actions that occurred the last week of 2009. Fueled by the most biased reporting by a National Sports network that employed a Mister Craig James.

Consider This...Was It Worth It?
NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson shares his thoughts on moving on, but not giving up.
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