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Veterans Memorial Grows

As the possibility of war draws near, the support for war veterans continues to increase in Lubbock as more and more citizens are buying bricks for the Lubbock Area Veterans Memorial.

"Brick sales are doing great, people really accepting this as a matter of fact. The initial wall sold out in December, so we've had to expand the wall out to its maximum," Vietnam Veteran James Dickson said.

At this point, the Lubbock Area Veterans Memorial is 75% sold out, and while the construction continues, the first shipment of bricks has come in.

"I think it's an honor and a tribute to the people that fought for our country," Vietnam Veteran Bill Grimes said.

Bill Grimes, a Vietnam Veteran, bought a brick for himself and for his son, who is currently in the Navy and stationed in the Persian Gulf.

"I'm worried about him. We worry about all of them," Grimes said.

Buying the brick doesn't bring Bill's son home, but it does honor him while he's fighting for our country.

"Our Veterans Memorial is for all veterans. We have veterans on there from the Spanish-American War up to current that are still enlisted. These veterans that are over there right now, and I don't care if they've only been in a week or two, they're still veterans, we need to honor those veterans. Some of them won't come back, some will, Lord willing, they all will and we need to honor them," Dickson said.

For more information on how you can purchase a brick for a veteran, you can call the American Legion Post at (806) 794-9006.

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